Brazilian proclaims UN ambassador, but it is belied by entity

A youTuber, owner of Women Acidity channel, It announced that it will talk about gender equality issues.
03/03/2016 14h30 - Updated 3/03/2016 14h33
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A youTuber Taty Ferreira, owner of Women Acidity channel, which has more than 1 million fans on Facebook, announced yesterday (2) profile that became ambassador to the United Nations (HIM). "It's over suspense! The big news is that I am now AMBASSADOR change at the UN on gender equality issues!!!”, wrote. “I want to thank guys who always accompanied him and they gave me the first and most important recognition and thank the UN personnel and Youtube tb for recognizing my work and see themselves like a female model that breaks stereotypes”.

It was enough to create a stir among women's groups, to UN and or YouTube. Taty is known for speaking without compunction, with slang, curse words, a spontaneous way. His charisma attracted almost 1 million subscribers on your YouTube channel, going back videos discussing human behavior, addressing issues such as sex, relationship and travel. Time or another, however, Taty collides with matters involving feminism of the universe, criticizing with the acidity that gives name to your channel.

"I do not believe in equal rights. This thing burning bra, beat pan and leave the corset became a great hypocrisy ", He said in a video posted on 2010. In the video "How to Impress a Woman", from 2012, Taty says: "Money is a factor for a woman to choose a guy, as well as butt is a determining factor for a guy to choose a woman ". There is also a video with the title “Every woman loves Mason sung”. Remember that one of the main supporters groups of gender equality in Brazil, o Think Olga, notable is the virtual campaign “Chega Son Son”, which criticized, Among other things, calls “Mason sung”.

With the various complaints of women's groups who think that Taty Ferreira would not be able to defend gender equality issues, UN Women decided to speak in a note, clarifying (or disproving) the information published by the youtuber: "Tati Ferreira is one of Youtube Change Ambassadors (Youtube Change Ambassadors), company that is supporting the United Nations in the dissemination of Sustainable Development Goals, among which is gender equality as one of the overall objectives ", says UN; "However, there is no link between the Ambassadors Youtube with the United Nations, being unduly any association group the Ambassadors framework and UN Ambassadors ".

the note, the UN also noted that the possible participation in the United Nations communication projects does not allow the members of this project people can be classified as Ambassadors of the UN and stresses that the only ambassador for UN Women in Brazil is the actress Camila Pitanga.


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