Breno Marx is the highlight of the 2nd Edition of 'Country VIP' in the Bottleneck, this Thursday (24)

The show will also have the participation of singers Edu Guedes and Vagner Martins.
24/03/2016 13h52 - Updated 24/03/2016 13h52
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The second edition of the festival 'Country VIP' promises to please all the fans of this contagious style. This time, who will lead the party will be Breno Marx singers, Edu Guedes and Vagner Martins. DJ Daniel Barreto will also animate the breaks, with the best funk and electronic music mixes. O bar, located in White River Street (corner Putumayo River), Vieiralves, opens at 19pm, with cover charge in the amount of R $ 10. The public can still enjoy a Carvery Chopp (19h-22h), costing R $ 35.

Who starts the event is the Paranaense Vagner Martins. The singer will make an acoustic with backcountry hits root to the current 'university'. doubles classics like Camargo Zeze & Luciano and Bruno & Brown, They will be interpreted by him. The Socio-bar owner, Wilson Monteiro reveals that last week, the 'new' party had attendance record. "We gave a new face to our Thursday, now called VIP. And this resulted in an increase in the number of patrons that had. This encourages us to invest more in security, good service, quality attractions and clear, and attractive promotions "said.

Shortly thereafter, Breno Marx returns to the stage in an engaging show, with moments of pure romance and other well-dancing. "The Bottleneck is a place where I'm happy to introduce myself, because I am very close to the public. Ali, people make their requests and help to diversify the repertoire, with styles like pop, rock, International, among others, "he says. The singer also revealed that one of his next projects, It is to record an acoustic DVD on site, releasing their music copyright. Another singer design, is a social action Easter, What happens next Sunday (27). He asks chocolates donations, Child Community Santa Teresa, located in New Aleixo neighborhood. "There are still 100 boxes, which has very reasonable prices, on average $ 2,60 each. So who is this, Puder's just, heartfelt thanks "completed.

Rounding out the list of attractions, arrives Edu Guedes shaking the audience with new songs in repertoire. "Bruised Heart" Wesley safadão, “Hello porter” Marilia and Mendonça “10%” double Maiara and Maraisa are some of the news. In the year, completing 16 year career in Country, the singer lists some of the changes that the style suffered during that time. "This genre is chameleonic, It began as a country music, then it was quite romantic and today, It is the ballad music, where the dancing crowd and have fun. And this is the main challenge to keep the market: adapt and incorporate the changes that style, "says Edu.

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