City Council will resume debate on banning squeegee

The project is Rozenha Alderman authorship and prohibits the service of the keepers of vehicles.
24/03/2016 07h29 - Updated 24/03/2016 07h29
Photo: Robervaldo Rock / CMM

The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) will resume next week the debate on the Bill No. 131/2014, authored by Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), prohibiting the keepers of service vehicles, the 'squeegee', in streets, streets and public places. The proposal had the approval procedure in the House on 19 May last year.

"The Manaus City is organizing to deploy the Blue Zone project, providing for the organization and parking ordinance in Manaus Center. Faced with the imminent change in change, we need to return to this important project that will contribute to the measurement of the Executive ", He explained the parliamentary.

Data from the Association of Keepers and launderers Amazonas State Vehicles (Zaglava) realize that the capital center there 620 registered squeegee, It is over 2 thousand throughout the city. "I recognize that association has sought to organize its members, with the use of uniforms and identification tools. However, this is not enough. A person's work can not exclude the right of other ", said Rozenha.

Councilman referred to Article 5. of the Federal Constitution which guarantees citizens free mobility in the public area, and any person, under the law, enter it, stay or leave her with their goods without paying for it.

"I want to make it clear to all that I have no intention to harm parents of families with what they call 'breadwinners', but we can not fail to safeguard the rights of other families who no longer accept being extorted by criminals who pose as 'keepers of cars', but, actually, They want to blackmail the driver, asking for money in exchange for the safety of the vehicle ", he explained.

Blue Zone
Rozenha also said, daily, It has been charged by the public on the progress of the Bill 131/2014 with application of the rapid progress of the proposal. He further stated that the implementation of the Blue Zone, initially, in the city center will absorb much of the keepers legally registered cars.

"The proposal of the Executive stated that the Municipal Public Administration may enter into operating agreements with Third Sector Organizations, cooperatives, unions, Public institutions, legally constituted to operate the parking service. That is why, I believe that the valets with entries and that in fact are working should be harnessed ", finished Councilman.

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