Carmen Lucia: Lava Jato strictly respects the laws

she said: “They are being adhered to the Constitution and laws”.
24/03/2016 06h49 - Updated 24/03/2016 06h49
Photo: Nelson Jr./SCO/STF/VEJA

Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Carmen Lucia said on Wednesday night that there is no abuse of power in Operation Lava Jato. Asked if there is politicization in the investigation that revealed the corruption scheme in Petrobras, Carmen Lucia said: “No. They are being adhered to the Constitution and laws”. The minister was in Rio de Janeiro to receive a newspaper O Globo award.

Carmen Lucia also said he does not see signs of abuse of the judiciary in Lava Jato. “The activity of the judiciary is driven by stakeholders, by citizen. The judiciary does not act alone, does not act ex officio, as we say. Acts of provocation. So, when talking about judicial activism, It is that the judiciary would exceed [their duties] and there is no demonstration that this is happening”, he said.

The minister played down the statements of President Dilma Rousseff, who called the impeachment process that runs it against attempts to “knock”. “I do not believe that the president has told that impeachment is blow. Impeachment is a constitutionally provided institute. What can not happen at all is not impeachment or any kind of political-criminal or criminal proceedings without observing constitutional rules”, he said.

Carmen Lucia said he understood the words of PT as a “alert” that the Constitution must be respected. “I believe it [Dilma] is exercising, first, freedom of expression. Second, just a warning to the effect that it is necessary to observe the laws of the Republic and it certainly, in a democratic state, It is being observed”, he said.


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