CCJR analyzes five of the Executive Law of projects and 14 proposituras parliamentary

All projects received favorable opinions and were approved.
09/03/2016 14h26 - Updated 9/03/2016 14h26
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Three projects of Complementary Law (No 02, 03 e 04/2015) and two Bills (No 390 e 399/2015), Municipal Executive power, They were analyzed by the Constitution, Justice and Drafting of the Municipality of Manaus (CCJR / CMM), on the morning of Wednesday (9), all they received favorable and were approved by the group. Others 14 proposituras, coming from councilors, They were also investigated by the committee members, these 11 They received favorable, two against and one had the assent overthrown.

The Complementary Law projects, Executive, make, according to the rapporteurs of materials, only adjustments to the Urban Master Plan and Environmental Manaus; the Code of Works and Buildings; and the municipality posture Code, given the need to adapt as the current reality, including, for example, the Director of Manaus Plan, the Forest Code for the purpose of conceptualization of the assets comprising the natural heritage; and the inclusion and exclusion of devices resulting from the deliberations of the Committee Debureaucratization, established by Decree No. 3.149, from 03 August 2015, the Code of Works and Buildings and the municipality posture Code.

Parliamentary proposals were approved assent, It highlights the Resolution nº07 / 2015 project, authored by Councilor Pastora Luciana (PP), establishing the Evangelical Parliamentary Front in the Town Hall, which took the opposite view of the Prosecutor and, still, assent view of Councilman Luis Mitoso (PSD). However, It adopted the positive opinion of the councilman rapporteur Mario Fleet (PSDB).

The number of projects 139/2015, the councilwoman Gloria Carratte (PSD), which provides for the periodic evaluation of sporting equipment in gyms and sports clubs and the 372/2015, Alderman Samuel Teacher (PHS), creating the Nursery Grant program for children who do not get jobs in public schools, They had approved CCJR, the dissenting opinions of the rapporteurs. With the decision, as determining the regiment, after a project is rejected by CCJR, the author of the story will, beyond the five working days to submit substantiated request with legal basis, to get signatures of one third of the Board members to the report to be submitted again to the consideration of the plenary. Otherwise, the project will be filed at CCJR, not returning more to the Plenary

Already the matter of Massami Miki councilor, No. 196/2015, which gave new wording to the provisions of article 3rd of Law No. 1.595, from 5 October 2011, establishing the Bolsa-athlete in the municipality, He had the assent of the councilman rapporteur Marcelo Serafim (PSB), overthrown by the Commission. As members of CCJR, one of the changes - which requires to have the benefit of the athlete would have to have 14 complete years of age - is harmful. “Means that if we have a boy ready to participate in a competition, more than, However, only complement 14 the age of one month after the competition, he will be out of money and out of contention? That to me is to harm the athlete”, he argued Mitoso.

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