Amazon Peoples Cultural Center can turn into architectural heritage AM

The bill is authored by State Representative Carlos Alberto and has begun to transact in Aleam.
11/03/2016 13h25 - Updated 11/03/2016 13h25
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He began to transact this week in the technical committees of the Legislative Assembly of the State (hazard), a bill of PRB Leader initiative in the House, Deputy Carlos Alberto, which provides for the transformation of the Cultural Center of the Peoples in the Amazon monument architectural and urban Amazon. "With this measure the assets of material and immaterial nature of the place, in their individual approach or representative collective memory and identity of the different segments that make up the Amazonian society are preserved through, like this, to integrate the cultural heritage of our state by operation of law ", justifies or Republican.

The Amazonian Peoples of the Cultural Center, opened in 2007, It was built by the state government in the square Francisco Pereira da Silva - popularly known as Ball Suframa, in the South Zone of Manaus. It has a dome with about 150 seats and an auditorium for 70 people, a wide arena shows with capacity for 17 thousand people sitting and has a collection of more than 821 thousand pieces being, photographic, museum and documentary.

"It is a space in honor of the Amazon Traditional Peoples and its ethnic and cultural diversity, which aims to enhance, spread and disseminate the information generated and produced on the countries of Continental Amazon: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guiana, Peru, Suriname, Venezuela and French overseas territory, French Guiana ", lists.

The building was designed to meet the expressions and cultural records of the Amazon of all ages, surpassing the concepts inherent in a single place of exhibitions and events, offering visitors a variety of references and manifestations of the natural heritage, artistic and cultural Amazonian continental, given all the social aspects and age groups.

The Amazonian Peoples Cultural Center develops and promotes free research activities, having been published several titles related to Amazon. It also provides, research through the archives located in the Memorial and Library Mário Ypiranga Monteiro and, the Documentation Center Samuel Benchimol, as well as spaces for visitors from the general public, with temporary and permanent exhibitions, among which the representative of the Amazonian everyday, como a wide Maloca; Casa do Caboclo; Grinding of sugarcane; Xapono Yanomami; Bunkhouse Guarana; House of Flour; Hut of Smoking process of Rubber, beyond the regional transport representativeness (canoes). Part of its facilities also the North Man Museum.

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