Chef Amazon overcomes obstacles and DVD releases “Sensations Amazon”

Andrew Schulze teaches 15 recipes that always has an ingredient of the Amazon region and promises to surprise.
05/03/2016 11h21 - Updated 7/03/2016 10h09
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The chef Amazon Andrew Schulze has overcome obstacles and realized a dream in the field of gastronomy. he launched, two weeks ago, DVD "Sensations of the Amazon".

Second or chef, to work together 15 diversified revenue, always with a specific ingredient in the Amazon region. The highlights are the bread, cakes and quiches. The idea arose in May 2015. "I took that was creating revenues for the Baker Top competition 2015 and I realized it was a great opportunity. I ran back and the result is there ".

The work, that may seem easy, hides some obstacles, to give a mouthwatering. The chef had to spend sleepless nights trying out new recipes, new spices. He believes that it is in these moments that the cuisine of the magic happens and, when you can exceed expectations, the feeling is inexplicable.

"I can not explain every feeling we have at the time of creation. But the passion for pastry and curiosity to discover new flavors and textures is what motivates me. I like to surprise people ", said.

Andrew even took right the birth of the youngest "child" and has architect new projects for this year. Among several goals, the chef said the goal of having a room to teach others the art of confectionery and is considering, also, the second volume of the "Sensations of the Amazon".


The Amazon's degree in gastronomy there 3 years and it reveals that it was not difficult to find that the food was the passion of his life and that he would pursue a career in the bakery area.
The chef started as a bakery assistant and reveals that the activity, which can be looked eye corner by some people, It was essential to their professional growth. "The start was very complicated because some people taught with dedication and the right way, but many the wrong way taught me just to screw me I ", remember.

But these situations motivated even more the young. "The life teaches. I fell and rose more in front with more desire to learn. It was not always bad. I met great professionals who always helped when doubts arose ", remember.

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