Cleo Pires reveals that he was addicted to porn movies

Actress also talked about masturbation and about success with women.
03/03/2016 15h10 - Updated 3/03/2016 15h10
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Cleo Pires was addicted to porn videos. The revelation was made in an interview with Cara program, FM Radio Day, this Wednesday (2). “watch (the erotic films). I have entered this very site, I was addicted”, said the actress, who also talked about masturbation. “I think it's cool you out with you than have sex for nothing. I think mature”.

Still on sexuality, Cleo revealed who dreamed when I was younger. “I thought the sexy Romario and imagined moments of my life with him, I get tense when the meeting. Not knowing what to say”, said.

The actress also revealed that not only draws attention of men. "I do hit with the girls, it has always been like that, I do not know why".

Source: mail 24

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