CMM act bill creating 'Appreciation Week of Life'

The proposal is Alderman Teacher Samuel and aims to develop educational activities in schools.
01/03/2016 10h27 - Updated 1/03/2016 10h27
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The plenary Mayor of Manaus (CMM) deliberated, on Monday (29), Bill No. 007/2016, establishing the fourth week of May as the "Week Valuation of Life" and sent the matter for consideration of the Constitution Committee, Justice and Writing (CCJR) the Legislature.

The proposal is by the President of the Human Rights Commission of CMM, Councilman Teacher Samuel (PHS) and it was filed with the aim of promoting annually, the development activities, targeted campaigns and projects to reduce the high rate of homicides in the city.

"I'm glad that my fellow councilors have understood the social value that our proposal has. It is very sad to see, currently, the trivialization of life. Today, any kind of fight or personal vendetta is reason to kill. It's like some people have forgotten the importance of life, many of them self-sufficient judge to take the lives of others. The official homicide figures show that this ", He emphasized the parliamentary.

The proposed Samuel, Week of valuing life educational activities will be developed through lectures, seminars, conferences and cultural and leisure activities. The schools, non-governmental schools and organizations may develop schedules with practical activities incentives valuing human life.

According to a survey of the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM), the year 2015 He closed with 948 people arrested for homicide in the prison system, and 541 by simple homicide and 407 by qualified statewide.

The number of homicides increased in January, compared to the same period last year, reaching an average of 2,9 deaths per day. Another statistic shows that SSP-AM 70% the murders in the capital are the result of drug trafficking.

"From what we see in the statistics of the SSP, the futile reason to take the life and grow our project seeks to sensitize children and adolescents about these numbers. We need to take steps to curb a culture of death that has been installed in our capital and through public policy can begin to cultivate values ​​that uphold the meaning of life ", concluded Samuel.

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