With alternative rock, Texan Rock Band is featured weekend Elvis Pub

The venue is the only pub outdoor city, located near the ball of Eldorado.
25/03/2016 11h38 - Updated 25/03/2016 11h38
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The last weekend of March will be busy at The Beer Elvis. The Single pub outdoor city, Located near the ball Eldorado, It presents this Friday (25), a banda Skyline. On Saturday (26), the highlights are the acoustic Mario Logan, and the show's band Texan. Both start from 22h, with cover charge costing R $ 10. Advance reservations can be obtained by phone: (92) 99411 – 2506.

The Skyline takes the stage to show a repertoire that will Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam e o rock nacional do Charlie Brown Jr, Raimundos, Keith Urban and Capital Inicial. With four years of training, the band has four members: Diego Thales, no vocal; John Tosta, in Guitar; Gabriel Guimarães, on drums and Gustavo Pereira, in low.

Some successes of the band, as the songs "Fire", "Without you", "Hate", "World Pressure" and "Fuck" are also part of the repertoire tonight. Among the group's news, is the release of the music video clip "Wax" and the first EP with five songs copyright, In may.

The next day, fans of 'masters' of Rock and Roll will enjoy a special acoustic. Classics The Doors, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple will pack the night,Mario in Logan Voice. O musician, which is also lead singer of the band and Band Immigrant Mafia, has more than 15 years of experience in setting rock Manaus. E, accompanied by guitar and percussion, promises a trip back in time to goers Elvis, the show this Saturday.

Then, takes the stage to Texana's Rock Band. According to the producer of the band, paulinha Eliege, the name of the band has a relevant meaning. "It is the philosophy that the face is Indian, but the sound is imported” said. The band operates in Manaus since October 2008. It is formed by Thiago Souza (voice), Morocco Damasceno (drums), Kássio Birth (guitar and voice), Efrem D'Ávila Ferreira (keyboards), Ramiro Andrade (low) e Thiago Xavier (guitar and voice). In 2011 the band was reformulated by the manager that tried and tested players who would fit into a more alternative profile. “In Manaus the cover bands were limited very, then put myself in the public position and miss very good rock cover bands shows the current scenario, como The Killers e Aractic Monkeys, for example, "said Paulinha.

Or Alternative Rock, Britsh Rock, Grunge and Hard Rock are some of the musical influences of the group. And this presentation, the band brings to the stage Elvis Pub, the energy of a punk rock show, dynamic, with keyboard and two guitars singing fun songs, and fast. "The Alternative rock will be very well represented. To maintain the tradition, go missing covers of Queen of the Stone Age, The Killers, The Black Keys, Grunge, among others "complete it, which also ensures hits like "Lonely Boy”, “Mr. Brightside” e “No One Knows” no set list da noite.

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