Commission impeachment decides not to include denunciation of the process Delcídio

The decision was made after discussions with legal counsel of the House and the committee members command.
22/03/2016 11h25 - Updated 22/03/2016 11h25
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The information of the whistleblower award of the Amaral Delcídio Senator (MS), former government leader in the Senate, They will not be included in the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, under review by a special committee of the House. The case of the rapporteur, Jovair Arantes (PTB-GO), He said the decision was taken after discussions with legal counsel of the House and the members of the committee command, between them, Mr Roger Rosso (PSD-DF), President of the college.

"We consider and understand that we should not accept [the inclusion of whistleblower] not judicialize process. We want to do everything within the impeachment of the rite that has been defined by the Supreme Court ", he said.

Declarations of Delcídio were attached to the original request by the Chairman of the House of Representatives, Eduardo Cunha. second Rosso, this would have been done by the authors of the request for impeachment, Miguel Reale Junior, Bicudo and Janaina Paschoal.

The allied base ranked inclusion as illegal, to be made after the opening of the removal process of the president and it is different theme of the initial application. The reaction caused fear among the opposition on possible legalization process, since new allegations and facts can be questioned.

Today (22), pro-government advocate another step. They want President Dilma Rousseff is again notified, since now been removed snitching. Deputy Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP), argues that Dilma learns about the new scope and has run defense restarted. Jovair Arantes avoided speaking maneuvers, but classified as "extrapolate" the new position of the base.

"Everyone has the right to exercise its political role. Every day will create a barrier to delay, but our understanding is to accelerate this process ", said Paulo Teixeira. Arantes said, completed within 10 Chamber of plenary sessions for Dilma to defend, could complete its report on the following five sessions, as defined in the Internal Rules of the House.

The ruling also questioned the defense of term, claiming that there are laws that stipulate the term 10 working days instead of 10 House sessions. "The regiment takes precedence over the formal laws", said Rosso. "The deadline indicated in days and not in sessions reverse the regimental logic", he explained, ending the debate.

In a formal response, Rosso announced the collegial decision and explained that the Chamber is not probative process instance. "For the full defense is guaranteed the reported, I decide that this committee does not consider the document joined on 17 March 2016 as the object of analysis. This is not the competent authority for the production of evidence ", said. Rosso are reminded that the senators who will process and adjudicate the complaint and produce evidence. "Any documents attached could then also, in theory, extrapolating the competence of the Commission and should not be the subject of deliberation ", completed, citing the Supreme Court decision.

Source: Agency Brazil

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