Box computer altered profile of Staff in Wikipedia for 'Joan Civil mother's house’

Change was made about eight hours after the former president Lula inauguration.
18/03/2016 16h18 - Updated 18/03/2016 16h18
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A computer Caixa Economica Federal was used to change the profile of Staff in Wikipedia, adding to the folder name the expression "House of Mother Civil Joana". Editing digital encyclopedia was made about eight hours after the inauguration of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as the new holder of the office, As subsequently suspended by injunctions Justice.

With the intervention, the description was: "Civil House, or Joan Civil Mother House, is the body directly linked to the head of the executive branch of a ouunidade federation federation, created by Decree-Law No. 920 from 1 December 1938. To be part of the structure of executive power, You may have ministerial status or government office, as it relates to federal or state executive power, respectively".

The insertion was made to 18h26 from an IP (kind of fingerprint of each computer "No., what, second or Wikipedia, It is connected to the housing. The person responsible for amendment also reported that added "important feature of the Civil House".

The case reported, by note, which will establish the facts related and open disciplinary proceedings. "There is an internal policy governing the use of Internet access from the box computer network. Any violations of this standard are subject to disciplinary sanctions provided for in the company's Staff Rules, can, according to the employee's history, Warning range from, suspension or dismissal for cause ", reported.

The page of Wikipedia is collaborative, that is, any Internet user can make changes and collaborations. The Wikipedia monitors only the authors of the amendments.

Advice of Staff stressed that the page is not official. "Any official information should be accessed at ".

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