fraud, Wanderley Dallas asks new re-registration of Insurance closed season

The program is the subject of many reports of fraud.
01/03/2016 16h24 - Updated 1/03/2016 16h24
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Following a Member of speech Augusto Ferraz (THE), Mr Wanderley Dallas (PMDB), he suggested, early on Tuesday (1) Amazon in the Legislative Assembly (hazard), the Ministry of Social Welfare perform a new re-registration that allows the identification of people who are defrauding the closed-insurance. The parliamentarian noted that every complaint must be determined with accuracy to prevent the benefit is diverted in favor of people who have no affinity with the sector.

According to the deputy "many wrong things came to light with the discovery of people receiving the benefit without being tied to the segment". "With the new re-registration can prove that there are many fishermen as the relationship had. We must make a serious and transparent work so that only fishermen receive the benefit ", reinforced deputy.

Dallas reported that last week was talking to the former state representative Walzenir Hawk when he passed you detailed information on the subject. "We want the Federal Police investigate here at Amazon, as it has occurred in the states of Maranhão and Pará where fraud were found. This work aims to help real fishermen and weed out those who locupletam only getting the benefit ", He warned the deputy stating that anyone who has to do it is the Federal Government.

Dallas also warned that the improper receipt of the benefit may result swindling crime and is punishable by up to five years in prison, beyond, still, the payment of a fine.

Finishing, He clarified that the insurance payment to fishermen is only done when the fishing of certain species is prohibited for a certain period, that is, in closed. "The fisherman receives portions of the insurance according to the months running out to fish. The value of each share corresponds to a minimum wage ", said Dallas.

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