Delcídio committed Dilma and Lula in whistleblower

Dilma would have interfered with the Lava Jato articulating the appointment of ministers to higher courts.
03/03/2016 11h03 - Updated 4/03/2016 09h11
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A whistleblower excerpt awarded Senator Delcídio Amaral must pass today in markets, negotiating increasingly linked to the outcome of the political saga involving Lava Jet and the future of government Dilma Rousseff.Lula
According to the magazine Isto, who had access to the whistleblower sections and anticipated its edition today, Delcídio committed to President Rousseff and former President Lula.

According to the magazine, the former leader of the Government in the Senate told federal prosecutors that Rousseff tried to interfere with the Lava Jato articulating the appointment of ministers to higher courts - the Supreme Court in particular - which were sympathetic to arguments favorable to defendants Lava Jato.

The following excerpt from the report:
"The 'solution' passed by the appointment of Judge Marcelo Navarro for STJ. "This appointment would be relevant to the government", as the nominee would take care of "habeas corpus and features of Lava jet on STJ". In the week of the strategy definition, Delcídio said he met with Dilma in the presidential palace for a private conversation. They talked as they walked by Dawn gardens, when Dilma asked Delcídio, the government leader status, "Talk to the judge Marcelo Navarro, so that it confirmed the release of commitment to Marcelo Odebrecht and Otavio Marques de Azevedo ", Andrade Gutierrez. As agreed with the president, Delcídio met Navarro "at the Presidential Palace itself, downstairs, in a small waiting room ", or what, according to Senator, It can be attested by security cameras. At the meeting, according to Delcídio, Navarro "reiterated his commitment, including claiming that Dr.. Hawk (presidente do STJ, Francisco Falcon) He had already warned about it ".

Delcídio also told the MPF that the mastermind of the conversation he had with the son of Nestor Cervero was former President Lula. The conversation revolved around payments to the family of Cervero and planning his escape, and her recording led to the arrests of Delcídio and banker André Esteves, BTG Pactual's.

The revelation Delcídio comes to public on the same day that the IBGE published the contraction in GDP in 2015 (the order 3,8%) and amid a growing conviction of society - especially the business class - that the fate of the economy, even in the short-term, It is predicated on a solution to the political impasse.

It is not known if Delcídio was able to prove the involvement of researchers but Lula, the shocking story of the last two years, your denunciation, is confirmed, It seems to be the most indelible proof to be raised so far about Lula's willingness to curb Lava Jato.

The revelation was anticipated by journalist Ricardo Boechat in your program in Band News FM this morning. Boechat a columnist for IstoÉ and had early access to the material.


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