Delcídio not attend the deposition in the Council of Ethics

Members of the Senate Council accused Amaral Delcídio intentionally delay the testimony.
23/03/2016 12h28 - Updated 23/03/2016 12h28
Photo: Jane de Araújo/Agência Senado

Members of the Senate of the Board of Ethics and Parliamentary Decorum accused on Wednesday (23) the senator Amaral Delcídio (non-party-MS) trying to procrastinate, that is, intentionally delay, the case against him in the collegiate.

Today's meeting was scheduled to hear Senator, who appeared not supported by another medical certificate 15 days.

In the absence of Senator investigated, an application submitted by the rapporteur, Telmário Type (PDT-RR), It was approved scoring for the day 7 of April, at 10 am, new testimonials.

To avoid another postponement, in the letter that will be sent to parliament, Delcídio can choose whether to provide testimony in person in the Senate, if you prefer to be heard by videoconference or by a committee of senators, which will be designated to take the evidence of the Parliamentary where it is.

Before that the testimony of Delcídio, not to delay the work of the board, Senators approved another request for hearing next Tuesday -feira (29), at 14:30, Bernardo Cerveró, son of Nestor Cervero; Diogo Ferreira, former head of cabinet Delcídio, and the lawyer Cerveró, Edson Ribeiro.

Bernard was the author of the recording of a meeting with Delcídio, in which the senator offered money and suggested an escape plan for former director Nestor Cervero Petrobras, in exchange for him not to tipoff agreement awarded to Justice.

medical Board

Also according to the rapporteur, They will no longer be accepted Senator certificates without which it is supported by a medical board.

"I wanted it to be recorded in the minutes that, normally, a server, when caught 15 days - and already took Delcídio 15 days -, others 15 They must be by a medical team ", said.

Telmario again criticized the fact, same certificate, Delcídio have participated in the demonstration in favor of impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff. In an interview with Veja magazine, he said he attended bike and stood the whole time helmet not to be antagonized.

With the absence of the senator and his lawyers at today's meeting, several senators came to wonder whether it would not be the case of been a dative defender to the case.

Senators opposed as recalled that this occurs when there is no lawyer, which is not the case of Senator.

Given the divergence, Telmario Mota will ask the Attorney General to present the Senate until next Monday (28) an opinion on the subject.


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