Delegate Adriano Felix gives safety tips to avoid theft to retailers

Depending on the size of the establishment, a good investment can be done in monitoring cameras.
30/03/2016 14h37 - Updated 30/03/2016 14h37
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The principal delegate of Police Specializing in Robbery, Theft and defrauding (Derfd), Adriano Felix, It considers it important that owners of commercial establishments in the capital to invest in the security of the locations in order to ensure the physical integrity of employees and customers. The police authority points out that, although it is a duty of the state, safety is also the responsibility of every citizen and gives tips on how to inhibit the action of offenders in the trades.

"You can invest in safety equipment, as installation of monitoring cameras or even in hiring a vigilant. It is important to avoid extending operation after certain hours and guide employees not count money in front of people, not keep large amounts of money in boxes and keep the well-lit establishment ", advised Felix.

As or delegate, the owner of the establishment may also recommend that employees be alert to suspicious attitudes of people who remain long in place, for example. "Usually before committing the crime offenders go to the place to observe the movement and whether the environment is suitable or not for criminal action. If there is suspicion, should immediately report it to the police, triggering the garrison military police engaged in area ", concluded.

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