State Members of the AM are in 'Block of No Party’

Six lawmakers from the House switched sides in the past three weeks.
23/03/2016 10h35 - Updated 23/03/2016 20h23

State representatives who took the 'party window’ the recent electoral reform to change party, they were in “Pack of No Party” until the Presiding Officers of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (OF-AM) set the new redistribution of speaking time blocks on the floor. Six lawmakers from the House switched sides in the past three weeks.

O presidente ALE-AM, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) summoned, on Tuesday (22) in plenary, state legislators to inform the Presiding Board of Parliament parties to which they migrate to next Monday (28) to redefine the party blocks. Until then, parliamentarians have announced the departure of their parties, but they did not inform the new party to the administration of the House, will be in “Pack of No Party”, second or president.


At least six parliamentary switch parties in the past three weeks. Belarmino Lins, He left the PMDB to go to the PROS. Mrs Alessandra Campelo left the PCdoB to join the PMDB. Platiny Soares left the PV to follow the DEM. Dermilson Chagas left the PDT to join the PEN. Mr Francisco Souza left the PSC to join the LWA. And the deputy Adjuto Afonso announced it will leave the PP, but he did not say where he was going. The report found that it evaluates go to PDT.


The party bartering is often justified as political consciousness of change, but the reality is that the political interests speak louder. Many who switch parties are eyeing more daring designs for this year's elections. It is the case, for example, Mrs Alessandra, that when he realized that there would be no room for the majority candidacy for the elections this year in their previous party, migrated to the PMDB.


The distribution of the blocks in the ALE-AM is a way of dividing the time available in plenary. The division is made according to political orientation of each party. Today the blocks are divided into three: Base block ruling, formed by parties that support the governor Jose Melo; opposition bloc, composed of one contrary to Government, and the independent block, which is not based nor opposition.

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