human rights and health gain special core in DPE

The news was confirmed by the new public advocate general of the Amazon, Rafael Barbosa.
04/03/2016 15h06 - Updated 4/03/2016 15h06
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The areas of human rights and health have specialized centers for population assistance by the Public Defender of the State. The news was confirmed on Friday, 4 of February, the new public-general defender of the Amazon, Rafael Barbosa, who took office management to the front of the body for the next two years.

Changes in the State Public Defender include a reorganization in the distribution of defenders, strengthening the work in Manaus, and the creation of service centers to streamline access to justice in the interior municipalities. The governor of Amazonas in office, Henrique Oliveira, He honored the inauguration ceremony. He advocated the strengthening of the body that brings together the public and lawyers said, in times of crisis in the economy, to popular demand increases.

“Exactly in these times of crisis that actually increases the demand of those who need to see the established justice. And the Defense seeks to bring justice to the poorest strata of the population. The citizen of Manaus still has the option of access to Defense. But within the state, Eirunepé, Boca do Acre, Labrea, Carauari, for example, the person who feels wronged, You need and can not afford to pay particular, It is through the public attorney who will seek the restoration of justice”, said Henrique Oliveira, highlighting the need for commitment and creativity to overcome the constraints of economic shocks.

Among the actions of the state government towards the body, It is the promotion of the autonomy of the organ and institutional support for expansion of infrastructure, in addition to holding tenders for new defenders, two years ago.

According to Rafael Barbosa, the initial work the front of the Defender will equalize personnel resources and structure to meet the capital, where the largest population size of the state. Present in 52 the interior regions, the Ombudsman should adopt a new model of service centers in major cities. “The idea is to build a model of advocacy by poles and they will be able to meet the smaller districts. If a larger number concentrate in larger regions and move into the smaller, which has smaller population and often not justified the presence of defender”, said the new advocate-general.

Among the changes, creating specific centers for the care of human and citizenship rights and health demands seek to expand the agency's performance. “The Defense now works in the civil area, criminal and specialized, and the goal will be to increase and encourage other areas. The idea is to act in defense of vulnerable and prevent these minorities remain unprotected”, He stressed Rafael Barbosa.

By highlighting the role of DPE-AM in providing free services to citizens in the areas of legal advice, judicial and extrajudicial defense and promotion of human rights, Barbosa said the changes in the body include the reallocation of public defenders of the interior to the capital, Manaus, where there is a greater demand for the services of the DPE-AM. Strengthening the qualification of servers and employees through the Superior School of the Public Defender is also planning to improve the agency's care. For this, School will receive a higher allocation of funds from the Special Fund of the Public Defender.

To improvements in the physical structure of the Defense and investment in Information Technology, to modernize the service, the advocate-general intends to seek alternative revenue sources re, such as access to specific credit line from BNDES for Defenders, what needs to be done with the institutional support of the State Government.

During the inauguration ceremony, the new general advocate also underscores the importance of strengthening institutional relations with other public agencies, especially those who work in the promotion of justice and citizenship, as the Amazon Court (TJAM) and prosecutors. Also stressed the importance of the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) in ensuring the correct application of public resources for the common good and the Amazonas State Legislature (OF-AM) in passing laws to ensure compliance with the Constitution states in relation to human rights.

The new general supporter of DPE-AM was elected on 27 November 2015 in election held in the organ, at which received 86 of 98 votes of public defenders who participated in the election. The top two names in the election were submitted to the scrutiny of the governor José Melo, Rafael Barbosa who chose to exercise the mandate biennium 2016-2017. The appointment by the governor took place in November 2015.

Curriculum - The general advocate of DPE-AM, Rafael Monteiro Barbosa vintner, Natural Aracaju (HE), 37 years, married, is PhD and Master in Social Relations Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP). Law Assistant Professor of Civil Procedure of the Federal University of Amazonas (TRUST), It is also Deputy Secretary-General to the Brazilian Institute of Amazonas State of Procedural Law (IBDP) and coordinator of the Center for Studies in process of UFAM.

He is also visiting professor in post-graduate courses in Law Attorney General of Civil Procedure of the State of São Paulo in partnership with the Attorney General's Office, the Faculty of Law of Itu (FADITU), of the School of Amazonas State Judiciary (ESMAM), the School of the São Paulo Law (ESA / SP) and North University Center (Uninorte).

Rafael Barbosa accumulated experience in the area of ​​law, with emphasis in Civil Procedure, acting on the following topics: Civil lawsuit, Features and Performance. He has worked as a teacher of undergraduate course of law of Martha Falcão College and UFAM, went public subdefensor Amazonas State and director of the Upper Amazon of Public Defender School (ESUDPAM).

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