CONFIRMED: Disguised minister, Lula takes his third term (and runs away from Moro)

The move ensures the PT privileged forum.
16/03/2016 11h15 - Updated 16/03/2016 11h23
Photo: Miguel Schincariol/Getty Images

Target of a complaint for money laundering and the sights of Operation Lava Jato, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva decided on Wednesday to take the Ministry of Civil House Dilma Rousseff. The move ensures the PT privileged forum – and free from the hands of federal judge Sergio Moro, leading shares Lava Jet in Curitiba. already Dilma, that no longer rules, only writhes in maneuvers to remain in office, delivery to the predecessor the little power he had left. Lula's appointment, officially treated by the government as a strategy to avoid impeachment, puts the PT in the most important government ministry – folder that the PT turned into a scandal plant since coming to power.

After trading days, the hammer on the issue was beaten during breakfast at the Presidential Palace. The information was confirmed by parliamentary little PT after the meeting, the House of Representatives. The Planalto Palace has not commented officially on the ministerial exchange. Although the president has symbolically delivered the band to his political godfather, the PT leader in the House, Afonso Florence (BA), He said the appointment will not reduce the power of President Dilma Rousseff. “Lula will help prevent impeachment”, said. According to PT, the decision does not become the president in a “Queen of England”. That is, someone whose power is merely symbolic.

The Government's assessment is that Lula's nomination for the House not stagnate the political crisis, as, according to a Presidential ally,”You still need to manage the problem Mercadante”. The current holder of Education was caught trying to buy the silence of the Amaral Delcídio Senator, as revealed SEE Tuesday.


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