elections 2016: It was given the start towards Manaus Prefecture

Pre-candidates and their supporters to leave the attack.
03/03/2016 09h53 - Updated 13/03/2016 13h07
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The race to this year's election has begun, and competitors and its allies, are making no question of disguise already accelerated the pace, at least in the Amazon Legislative Assembly (OF-AM). On Tuesday (1º) during a special session in honor of the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa) Mrs Alessandra Campelo, that figure as a possible candidate PCdoB to City Hall this year, He threw stone on the roof of the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) when talking about the situation of the industrial district streets, a stalemate over 10 years has not been resolved because Manaus Prefecture, State and Federal Government, not yet in agreement on who is responsible for the work.

Councilman Nicholas Iram (PSD ), representing the City Council at the event, He took the pains and defended the mayor Arthur, this year's re-election candidate. The subject still yielded very 'cloth to manga’ when he returned to the fore on Wednesday (2) already in the first session of the issues brought, again, by Alessandra who took the time in the gallery to say that the City has increased its collection but not recovered the District streets.

Then Wanderley Dallas deputy PMDB, same party as Minister Eduardo Braga, He criticized the creation of administrative fees in the County Attorney's Office related to real estate. The project is moving in the Municipality of Manaus (CMM). The PMDB has said it will have a candidate in municipal elections, only not defined who.

Soon after the pronouncements of Campelo and Dallas, Mr Bosco Saraiva (PSDB), the same party of Mayor Arthur, He asked speech and said see “very strange” the collection of Campelo. “I came here to pronounce me, not to defend the mayor, because he knows how to defend well, but clarify some things so that the information given yet little here do not deceive the people in election year, for those interested in votes”, said Bosco.

The parliamentarian said that the impasse has been dragged more than ten years and that is not the responsibility of the City Hall, but the Federal Government not transferred planned partnership resources for this work. Bosco also said he found “weird” Campelo speak in increased municipal revenues, when State and Federal Government speak in fall in revenue, and the economy corresponds in effect cascade also for the local governments.

The deputy also challenged legislators who support the speech of the holes in the District to seek justice. “So justice will say, for A plus B, who is the real responsibility for the holes of the Industrial District”, said. Bosco also snapped the Dallas statement saying that his party, o PMDB, advocates in Congress to back the CPMF at the time that he criticizes here in Manaus setting of rates by the city.

Members David Almeida (PSD), Ricardo Nicolau (PSD), Abdala Fraxe (PTN), Members of the base of the Governor Jose Melo (PROS) already declared support the re-election of Arthur, They entered the debate and thickened broth in defense of the mayor. Nicholas said that the restoration and maintenance of the District's streets is one of the skills Suframa, according provided in Article 33, paragraphs IX and XII, the Bylaws of the Local Authority.

At the end of Bosco speech, Alessandra countered that the data are from the National Treasury and the resources have evolved over the 2012. Bosco said Mrs just forgot to say that evolution is very small and less than the cost of expenses increased due to inflation.


Besides Alessandra Campelo and Arthur, also been working behind the scenes former deputy Marcelo Ramos (PR), the deputy governor Henrique Oliveira (SDD), the congressmen Mark Rotta (PMDB) and Hissa Abraham (PPS), and the superintendent of Suframa, Rebecca Garcia.

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