Amid the crisis, Amazon registers high in exports

Bebidas e concentrados continuam sendo os produtos mais exportados pelo Estado.
25/03/2016 11h27 - Updated 25/03/2016 12h42
Photo: Walter Mendes/Jornal do Commercio Exportações

Exports in the State of Amazonas increased by 7% in February this year, over the same period 2015, according to the International Center of Amazonas Business (CIN-AM). The growth in exports renews the hope of Industry, and the Amazonas business community.

According to a survey conducted by the International Business Center, in the month of February 2015, exports reached a total of US $ 54,8 million while this year, in the same month, transactions with the segment reached US $ 58,7 millions, an increase of more than 7%.

Para o Gerenti two Qin-general, Marcelo Lima, the growth figures show that the state can achieve independence in exports even in the political and economic crisis. "I believe that from the second half of this year, things will begin to improve, gradually. It will not be a good speed, but rather it will take off at a reduced speed to reach good results in the exportation. Last year the Brazilian trade balance closed with a surplus and we hope that this year the same thing happens ", He emphasized the manager.

second Lima, the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and all the CIN Network through shows, prospective and commercial missions, as well as training and qualification of entrepreneurs, They have sought to encourage exports in the Amazon with the support of programs such as the National Plan of Export Culture (PNCE) the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC).

"We are not measuring efforts to boost export processes in our state and across the country. These international events through the CIN Network, Amazonians entrepreneurs have the opportunity to exhibit and promote their products all over the overseas market, the European community, Americana, South American and Asian. We intended to benefit businesses and so we make every effort to bring the largest number of participants to these international fairs ", said Marcelo.

The figures released by the RCN-AM show that the products are exported over the Amazon remain, drinks concentrated as 'flagship', Apart from soybean, motorcycles, razor blades and base metal and ore, More specifically tantalum (rare transition metal that has metallic luster and resists well corrosion).

Concentrated in the first two months of 2016 They accounted for a total of US $ 30,4 million in exports, while on 2015 that number was $ 30,1 in the same period. Already soybeans, this year is US $ 10,2 million of exports and 2015 in the same period was not exported, which means an improvement over the export of the product.

In turn, the export of motorcycles in the same period last year was US $ 8, 1 million and this year the number reached US $ 9,6 millions. Razors this year is exporting US $ 6,7 is at 2015, US$ 8,9 millions. The number ore export this year, in the first quarter was $ 2,4 million and 2015 It was $ 4,2 millions, that is, the only two products that did not exceed the export value in the same period last year were motorcycles and the ore.

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