Ex-ally, PSB is critical to the misrule of President Dilma Rousseff

The PSB said that the Dilma government is “the result of a flawed election” e “hide the truth” .
24/03/2016 15h10 - Updated 24/03/2016 15h10
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Former ally of PT governments, the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) airs on TV, this Thursday, a program with scathing criticism of the “misrule” the President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff. The PSB said that the Dilma government is “the result of a flawed election”, “hide the truth” and do not have “or capacity or legitimacy to tackle the crisis he created”.

The PSB proposes the implementation of the parliamentary elections of 2018 and states that the country is experiencing the biggest crisis of republican history. Legend repels the idea of ​​social confrontation, stimulated by social and union movements linked to the PT to face demonstrations favorable to exit President.

The program is the first to be shown on TV after the national president of the PSB, Carlos Siqueira, announced that the party planned “march definitively to the opposition”.

no video, the caption points outdated measures Dilma. Lula and Dilma designs on a voting machine, the party states that the sole purpose of the PT is to stay in power and that the government has “ideas and attitudes of the past century” and has been losing for a mosquito transmitter “medieval diseases” as dengue virus and zika.

The PSB accuses the government of Dilma resorting to the excuse always been worn “blame China and the media and opposition intrigues” to justify the economic crisis: “It never has anything to do with it”. The Socialists point to paralysis in the domestic industry and said the government still hinders more the industry to propose the creation of taxes. Segundo o PSB, Dilma will leave a legion of unemployed at the same time “creates difficulties in access to unemployment insurance and leaves workers unprotected”.

Since the elections of 2014, PSB maintains critical stance towards the government, but not declare opposition or situation. The party moved away once the petismo and launched its own candidate for president: then in the PSB, ex-minister Marina Silva, Sustainability Network, He finished third after replacing the former governor of Pernambuco Eduardo Campos, killed in plane crash during the campaign.

The party propaganda was produced in animation style and does not provide testimonials or images of Congress or political legend. At the end, PSB is a tribute to the centenary of the former governor of Pernambuco Miguel Arraes, grandfather Eduardo Campos, killed in 2005. Check out the video:

Source: Veja.com

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