EXCLUSIVE: government tried to buy the silence of the Amaral Delcídio

Delcídio accused Mercadante minister to offer financial aid, political and legal in exchange for his silence.
15/03/2016 10h20 - Updated 15/03/2016 10h21
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The Amaral Delcídio Senator serving a double shift as a government leader. In public, chaired the powerful Economic Affairs Committee of the Senate and negotiating the approval of the fiscal adjustment measures prioritized by President Dilma. Backstage, It was a key player in the strategy to prevent the Jet Wash Operation discover the chain of command of petrolão. Away from the spotlight, Delcídio acted as a firefighter.

He is talking to contractors, Petrobras officials and politicians accused of participating in the corruption scheme, He writes down their demands and rack information and, after, reported them in detail Dilma and Lula. His mission was to foresee difficulties and propose solutions. It was he who warned the president that Odebrecht had paid abroad to the marketer John Santana for services to presidential campaigns PT. It was he who told Lula that starry PT were complaining of neglect and lack of solidarity. The two heads, Delcídio made the same diagnosis: “We bury our corpses in shallow grave. It is a mistake. We need to bury them with dignity”.

Dignity, no case, It meant helping fellow inmates and executives under investigation or with money, legal assistance and lobby for them in the higher courts, to prevent tell the secrets of the criminal authorities shifted gear, according to the Federal Police, almost 50 billion reais Petrobras. Delcídio repeated this chant exhaustively until he was arrested and – as you like to say – brought. Lula called him a fool for having been recorded when trying to buy the silence of Nestor Cervero, one of the whistleblowers petrolão. The PT also rifou in public. Afraid to atone for their sins in shallow grave, the fireman, Now in the role of arsonist, He was willing to tell the authorities everything he saw, He heard and made at the behest of Lula and Dilma during thirteen years of intimacy with the power. It was not a bluff. The whistleblower award according to which Delcídio says Lula and Dilma knew of the existence of the corruption scheme and acted in order to keep it in operation was approved by the Minister Teori Zavascki, do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF). collaboration, dubbed “Snitching”, It was only formalized as Senator resisted a generous proposal “burial with dignity” presented by PT Mercadante.

Former head of the government Dilma, Current holder of the portfolio of Education and one of the closest ministers of President, Mercadante promised money and help for Delcídio left the prison and escape the mandate of the Senate impeachment process. In contrast, asks Delcídio not “destabilizes all” with his denunciation. The minister did not deal directly with Senator, that was already under police custody, but with an aide strict confidence senator, José Eduardo Marzagão. The two met twice in Mercadante's office in the ministry. The conversations were recorded by Marzagão and delivered to the Attorney General's Office by Delcídio, what, in formal testimony, He said the minister had acted at the behest of Dilma. With this observation, He accused the minister and the president of trying to buy the silence of a witness, obstructing the work of Justice. It was hit Delcídio accounts with you who turned their backs. “I felt pressured by government”, he told prosecutors.

Senator Delcídio Amaral
Delcídio: took and, as you like to say, brought(Pedro Ladeira / Folhapress)
the dialogues, which had access SEE, Mercadante offers financial assistance to the family of Delcídio and promises to use the political influence of the government by the Senate and the Supreme Court to try to avoid impeachment of Senator and get his release. In addition to saying that the Marzagão Delcidio should stay “calm”, leave “download dust” and do “movement no precipitate”, Mercadante promised to seek Senate President, Renan Calheiros, to arm a plan to make the Senate back behind the decision, taken in plenary, confirming the arrest warrant issued by the Supreme. “Why do not you ask the Senate reconsideration? can?”, asks the minister. “I think not”, says aide. “in politics, all can”, teaches Mercadante.

Describing his plan, Mercadante makes it clear to the advisor who will try “build an outlet with the Supreme” to Delcídio. Says Ricardo Lewandowski, the chief justice, Delcidio could release through injunction, during the end of year recess the Judiciary. “The President will be the year… You also need to talk to the Lewandowski. I can talk to him to see if we can find a way out”, It offers Mercadante. Without naming, Minister suggests that it will look for another minister of the Supreme Court and that his idea is to make the Senate look Teori Zavascki to plead the senator's release. “Perhaps the Senate can make a motion, the table of the Senate, the Teori, understood? A request: looks, we gave authorization considering the blatant, considering the conditions etc., but there is no need paddle, Fri, Fri – Fri, Fri, Fri. And try to build an outlet with the Supreme”, says. The mention of the STF was slight but strategic. At that time, Delcídio the family priority was to free him before Christmas.

There were, However, the suspicion that would deny Teori, as indeed occurred, the application for habeas corpus. The offer of Mercadante would remedy the problem.

On the possibility of a denunciation of Delcídio, Mercadante says: “I think he should wait, make no movement precipitate, let the dust settles, he will leave, the confusion is great.” The first conversation between Mercadante and adviser Delcídio took place on December 1, a week after the arrest of the former head of government.

The second conversation took place on 9 from December, a day after the Delcídio family decide to hire the lawyer's office Antonio Figueiredo Augusto Basto, a leading expert on plea bargaining in the country. In the first meeting with advisor, Mercadante shown cautious. He says Delcídio is “fundamental for the government”, talk about loyalty, promises to help and gives the impression that speaks on behalf of President Dilma: “I'm a loyal guy. Dilma knows that if you do not have a person to go down that ramp, I'll go with her to the end.”

Clearly Mercadante is concerned to calm the wife and daughters of Delcídio, major booster of a tipoff according. Says the adviser to the senator: “I'm calling you here to say this: I will be supportive to Delcídio. I like Delcidio, I think he's a very competent guy, very skilled, It was essential for the government (…) I saw what they're doing with his daughters. A monumental rascality. I imagine his desperation.

So you see what it needs that I can help.” The minister advised the aide to tell Delcidio move to silence “not be an agent that destabilizes all”. Enough to make a veiled threat, if the PT reveal the government's rotten: “It will remain a responsibility him monumental, understood?”.

At the second meeting, still under the impact of specialist procurement news in vigilantism, Mercadante is more explicit. Reveals his plan in the judiciary, complains that because of the rumors according to Lava-jet or Renan Calheiros, STF not investigated, nor the government may move to save Delcídio. Comes to ask for the PT smother it tipoff. Mercadante says: “How does Renan will move… I know he's cornered because the other will… Understood? How does the government moves, because it seems that he has something (Delcídio) You know someone's ass. So, I think I have to take it (accusation) the agenda at that time.”

The aide Delcídio reports financial difficulties senator, It states that the family is planning to sell real estate and to dispose of assets to fund the process. Mercadante is willing to travel to Mato Grosso do Sul to assist the family: “This then also you can see how it is that we can help, in the legal thing, this thing. Do not know. Po, Marzagão, you have to say on that is that I can help. I'm just here to help. See what I can help”. O minister explains that, to accept Delcídio woman talk, he would organize a visit, as Minister of Education, in any university in the state to hide the real purpose of the trip.

Marzagão working with Senator thirteen years. We 87 days when the PT got stuck, Marzagão only did the company he once, when he went to her daughter's wedding in Fortaleza. Marzagão who was carried and brought information, providenciava power books and, I listened to stories and sharing of confidences and crying spells.

Before seeking the aide, Mercadante tried to contact the wife of Senator. The minister was repulsed with forcefulness. Maika, the wife of Delcídio, He did not hide the anger that her husband had been paid, she said, doing dirty services to Lula and Dilma, as attempting to buy petrolão witnesses, reason that led to the arrest. Besides that, Maika knew that the minister had always been a foe of the party Delcídio. Both, Senator and Minister, We were never friends, or maintained friendly relations. That is why, Maika saw the attempt to Mercadante approach with strangeness.

When they called for a conversation with a disaffection of Delcídio, Marzagão decided to record all, as a precaution. He feared being targeted by a trap concocted by the government to discredit Senator, what, as anticipated SEE, He threatened to tell his secrets to authorities. The senator and his aide also knew how the prosecutor valued recordings with attempts to obstruct justice. After all, a recording and a financial aid proposal Delcídio led to jail, accused of trying to sabotage the work of Justice. as Mercadante, Delcídio also wanted to silence a witness.

The silence of proposal
“I think he should wait”
Former chief of staff and one of the closest ministers of President Dilma, Mercadante spoke twice with José Eduardo Marzagão, Senator's aide Delcídio Amaral. The aim of the minister, second parliamentary, It was to buy his silence. The second meeting between them took place a day after Senator hire a lawyer who specializes in award-winning tipoff. it, Mercadante reinforces the application so there is no cooperation with the prosecution and makes clear that the tipoff, is confirmed, destabilize the government.
AM – What must you think I can help?
JEM – Minister…
AM – Really. I'm talking like. I'm here. From, I talked: I do not even want to know what did Delcídio.
AM – I want… (inaudible) I think he should wait, make no movement precipitate, he has made a wrong move, let the dust settles, he will leave, confusion is too great. There… understood?
JEM – Minister, the problem is the following.
AM – Him not to be an agent that destabilizes all. Because otherwise it will remain a responsibility him monumental, understood?

Financial help
“See what I can help”
Aware that Delcidio family pressed Senator closing a prize according informer, Mercadante says Marzagão be willing to forge an official agenda, as Minister of Education, to visit his wife and two daughters of the PT. Informed that they faced financial difficulties, does not hesitate to promise a providential cash assistance, to pay the costs of the lawyers, highlights
AM – The following is, I am willing, already I told you about it privately, I make a schedule in Mato Grosso do Sul, I have to go visit a university, an institute… I speak Maika, I want to go there …the other time she made dinner for me… when I went there to make a schedule and she made dinner at home. So, O I would like to go there, give a hug and such, if you have space.
JEM – Just to give you an idea, they are selling the house.
AM – Not to be exposed.
JEM – No, even to…
AM – Raise money.
JEM – Raise money. The cars, at home. The farm, because it is the mother and brother, then there will not mess. By the way, Brother're coming up to address these issues. same financial affairs.
AM – Family Heritage.
JEM – Patrimony, the debts that it has. To give you an idea of ​​his situation, his salary has consigned. The wages of Delcídio has consigned loan, he is paying.
AM – Good, that there also you can see how it is that we can help, in the legal thing, this thing. Do not know. Po, Marzagão, you have to say on that is that I can help. I just'm here to help. See what I can help.

aid policy
“I'll talk to Renan”
Mercadante knew Delcídio felt betrayed by PT, that publicly rebuked and, to wash hands, had encouraged the full Senate to endorse his arrest. To flatter the former leader of the government, Minister lavishes solidarity in conversation with Marzagão. He criticizes the party itself and warns that negotiate with the Senate president, Renan Calheiros, a motion, to be presented to Justice, to guarantee the relaxation of prison
AM – I talked to several senators
JEM – There is.
AM – I talked: you crouched!
JEM – Was.
AM – Ah, depot! We had made a move with Sarney, the Jader and…
JEM – Renan
AM – …and such Renan… Then came the PT Note. Note that the PT? Where the Rui Falcão now runs the full Senate? … It is history… this institution has almost 200 years of history! How do you accept something like that, people! Because this will be a precedent.
JEM – He opened a gate.
AM – Will open the gate. So, you need to rethink the routing. Perhaps the Senate make a motion, the table of the Senate, the Teori, understood? A request: looks, we gave authorization considering the blatant, considering the conditions etc., but there is no need paddle, Fri, Fri – Fri, Fri, Fri. And try to build an outlet with the Supreme. You can not accept this. I think if we are not the legal, political hair, by common sense and leave everything to him're cornered, fucked, the dysfunctional family, will only leave bateção head. Because I can try to help it there in the Senate. I will try to talk to Renan and consider it to build a, understood, a motion…

legal Help

“prison relaxation request”
The proposed purchase of Delcídio of silence was broad and unrestricted. In addition to money and lobby on behalf of the PT in the Senate, Mercadante promises to talk to the president of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, in order to convince him to accept the request for arrest of relaxation during the recess of the Judiciary. The action, be held, It did not have the expected effect. Delcídio was only released in February, after negotiating the cooperation with the authorities.
AM – I'll try a legal opinion to try to find a loophole to the Senate a ruling by the Supreme with prison relaxation request, because it is no longer justified. I think that's the way I see. I will study and give you the return today for tomorrow.
JEM – That, because the problem is that D-Day is Tuesday.
AM – There.
JEM – Because you spend Tuesday and not leave, only next year.
AM – No, no, but the president will be the year… also you need to talk to Lewandowsky. I can talk to him to see if we can find a way out. But I'll talk to the minister in the Supreme also.
JEM – Complicated.
AM – But is this, I have nothing to do…the Delcídio… zero… I do not give a care if will betray, will not betray, I dont care… mine, my issue with it is that I find absurd what happened to him. First the picture he is, second by shit that was not necessary that exposure he had, third by the attitude of the institutions and party (inaudible)… wash hand, turns his back, a fully face… a cowardly thing fucking, absurd. In my interpretation, a vengeance to the… he may have exceeded the Post Office CPI, but clearly he held scolding fucking.
JEM – Who knows.
AM – IT IS, logical that he knows. I do not know exactly the details, but I know he did what was possible, prudent, things that were not proven, who were not serious, but, that's it… (inaudible)… the function was very difficult to charge him…
defense strategy
“Renan is cornered”
In the second and more incisive conversation with Marzagão, Mercadante claims that would need to put an end to rumors about the possibility of closing a tipoff Delcídio. If the subject does not come out of the agenda, He argued the minister, It would be difficult to involve the President of the Senate, accused of receiving dirty money petrolão, and the government in the efforts to save the mandate of PT and free him from prison
AM – The defense strategy is in this sense, understood? He was: my mandate, I want to defend my mandate, I want to be free to be able to defend him, I can not embarrass my right of defense in the Senate and spade shovel, prerogatives, here are my conditions and the law is clear and certain, the illegality of the act – It is absurd what was done…
JEM – But he can not speak it
AM – No, but you have to build. You have to have people to do and talk.
AM – What is the difficulty? What I want to warn you. Renan is a guy who has a gray area in this story.
AM – How does Renan will move….I know he's cornered because the other will… understood?
AM – How does the government moves, because it seems that's something he knows someone's ass. So, I think I have to take it on the agenda at the moment, to his defense, I'm talking… to try to build – I do not know if the defense can…
JEM – Honestly I do not know…
AM – I do not know, what I will… I am willing…as I told you. look, I do not want to get involved more than I can. I do it for absolute solidarity. I think what made the PT is unworthy and I think the Senate should not have retreated.
JEM – IT IS. But not only because of him.
AM – No… it is institutional, people.

Avoid tipoff

“Looks like he's doing because're afraid”
In this section, Mercadante details how would the rack operation in favor of Delcídio and, to give credibility to speech, gives its name to one of the participants contract. The minister says that trust lawyers, as Minister of TCU Bruno Dantas, former Advocate General of the Senate, help to establish a legal interpretation that would allow the House to defend the senator in the Supreme Court.

AM – The guy, depot, fucked, cornered, busted, bleeding… I will do the following: I'll talk to some lawyers I trust. I think I'll call Bruno Dantas to talk, it was Advocate General of the Union long… Senate, or some of the Senate consultant who think legally if the Senate has any steps to interfere. Including the following claim: we want him to defend, a process here pi, pi, pi…
JEM – Sim. Normal.
AM – And create any fucking argument as long as it does not get stuck there, cornered like that.
JEM – To stay home with anklet, that it is an army barracks, the fuck that is, but there is…
AM – Is bad. When he speaks of the risk of denunciation, today the lawyer dismissed. Is a business as well: Looks like he's doing because're afraid, understood? Why did not this agenda…
JEM – The problem is this: It is that he's unstructured. So, someone're putting to him that this is the only way for him to get out of there.
AM – Good, they do it with everyone. De-structure the guy. They put… fuck… What they did with the son of Paulo Roberto was that, with the daughters…
JEM – Sim. Now, sees his situation: a senator with a current mandate
AM – took.
JEM – took, Senator continues being and… a nobody there.
AM – Sim… but has a side and have to think about the following… I think it needs to cool it. Others will come. Will come Andrade Gutierrez, not know who, not know who, the Zelada, fucking, It will come shit fucking all the time. Then decreases. You need to cool his case. Second: ing it there, It has not in the Senate inquiry. There is no way to revoke a prisoner Senator.

government Solidarity

“See what I can help”
In the first conversation with Marzagão, Mercadante offers “personal and political support” in exchange for silence do Amaral Delcídio Senator. From start, Minister to records it is a personal slant initiative. After, is trai, emphasizes his loyalty relationship with President Dilma and records, in loud and clear, that aid will be given “within the government”.

AM – I do not know the Maika. But if you find, because I will say this. I'm a loyal guy. Dilma knows that if you do not have a person to go down that ramp, I go with her to the end. I like Delcidio, I think he's a very competent guy, very skilled, It was essential for the government, a lot of virtues, much more handy, would ago, strove, was… you can not catch a biography like this, a story like this, because the guy tripped over a stone, a desperate situation, trying to find a way out, you see that way he will trying to show a service, I can not understand why he was where he was. But was, it's no use. So we will have to swallow it there. What I think he needs now is some kind of support and personal and political solidarity. So, you see what i can help. 'If you find, Mercadante, It was good you go in Mato Grosso do Sul talk to his daughters.’ I will not meddle in his defense. I'm not a lawyer, I do not have anything to do, I do not know what it is, I do not know what was done.
JEM – But what made Rui, burned any possibility.
AM – It was absurd. I within, I will try to help in any way I can. Within the government, within the party less, because I do not have many relationships today. But I will try because I thought absurd. I want to help in any way I can. I'll just do what I can. No use asking me to do what I can not do because I will not do.

Now, what I can do, I will do. So I want you to know that. We both talk. You see there what you think and help me pass I see the step that we can take. I imagine he's all alone, It is bad for his safety.
JEM – You are the third person. On the day of happened, called Renan and Sarney for Maika. Nothing more. And they said barbarities, They called the daughter of the president of a bitch.

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