Potassium exploration will generate 10 thousand jobs in the AM

Near 4,7 thousand jobs will be created already in factory construction.
01/03/2016 13h29 - Updated 1/03/2016 13h29
Representatives at the meeting of Amazonian Parliament in Palmas (TO). (Photo: Lia Mara)

The exploitation of the Amazon Potassium can generate, no minimum, 10 thousand direct jobs in the next 30 years. The estimate is the deputy Sinésio fields based on data presented by representatives of Potassium Brazil at the 5th Meeting of the Amazonian Parliament on Thursday (25).

According to the parliamentary, the company will generate 4,7 thousand jobs already in the construction period of potash processing plant, and more 1 thousand in production after the completion of the work, which added manpower linked to funding services, and contractors can generate 10 a 15 thousand jobs, according to him. mineral, to be present in the composition of paints, detergents, rubbers, You can also influence the production of these products, second Sinésio.

"Only in mesh production job creation comes to order 10 a 15 thousand jobs. Imagine how much it will reflect in agriculture, and other areas where this input will leverage the economy ", said. The statement was given on Tuesday (1º) Amazon in the Legislative Assembly (OF-AM) after pronouncement on the subject of the Tribune House. Sinésio believes that the mineral will also influence the paint market, rubbers,

According to the Oil Brazil, the country imports 96% Potassium consuming, and Amazon has reserves to meet 25% this demand in the next 30 years.


Another issue addressed by Parliament was the obstacles that are still hindering the recovery of the BR-319 that connects Manaus to Porto Velho. A Minister of Agriculture, Katia Abreu said during the meeting of the Amazonian Parliament that does not help the federal government invest in increasing agricultural production in the Amazon, if there is no road to drain more easily this production.

Sinésio said the issue will be one of the 6 debate focuses Extended Meeting of the Amazonian Parliament scheduled for 23 March in the Legislative Assembly of Rondônia.

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