Government of Amazonas starts new phase of vaccination against FMD

The campaign launch ceremony will be held in Careiro Brown municipality, tomorrow, day 11.
10/03/2016 09h38 - Updated 10/03/2016 09h38
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The Government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat of Rural Production (Sepror) and Agriculture Defense Agency and Forest Amazonas State (Adaf), It is intensifying the combat actions and eradication of FMD. On Friday (11), It will be held the launching ceremony of the campaign against the disease, Rural property in Pedro Arruda (located on the BR-319, km22), in Careiro Brown municipality, at 9 am.

The official immunization period starts on 15 March and runs until 30 April covering a first step 41 Amazonian municipalities, vaccination with approximately 445 thousand head of cattle.

With the action, Amazon intends to achieve the status of “free state” disease. The campaign follows the Ministry of Agriculture calendar, Livestock and Supply (Map). In most municipalities, the vaccine must be purchased directly at accredited agricultural houses. In another portion, the resale of the dose will be acquired in place Idam units.

About the disease – FMD is an acute infectious disease that causes fever, followed by the appearance of vesicles (canker sores), mainly, in the mouth and feet of cloven-hoofed animals, as bovines, buffalo, goats, sheep and pigs. The disease is caused by a virus, which can quickly spread, if the measures of control and eradication are not adopted soon after its detection. The virus can also be transported by water, With, foods, birds and people (hands, clothes and shoes) who came into contact with sick animals.

The eradication of foot-and opens perspectives for greater profitability of rural enterprises, It creates opportunity for growth of livestock, with better distribution of flows in addition to avoiding social and economic impacts that the disease brings to farmers.

Municipalities where the vaccine will be acquired through Idam – Alvarães, Amaturá, Nam, Anori, Atalaia do Norte, Benjamin Constant, Beruri, Boa Vista do Ramos, Borba, Caapiranga, Coari, Codajás, Fonte Boa, Itapiranga, Japurá, Jutaí, Maraã, Nova Olinda do Norte, Santo Antonio do lea, São Paulo de Olivença, San Sebastian Uatumã, Silves, Tabatinga, Tefé, Tonantins, Uarini.

Municipalities in which the vaccine will be purchased through accredited agricultural houses – Autazes, Barreirinha, Careiro Brown, Lowland Careiro, Iranduba, Itacoatiara, Manacapuru, Manaquiri, Manaus, Maués, Nhamundá, Parintins, Rio Preto da Eva, Urucará, Urucurituba.

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