Government makes offensive against Sergio Moro

The initiative started with the president herself during Lula's inauguration ceremony.
18/03/2016 10h58 - Updated 18/03/2016 10h58
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The government began on Thursday (17), an offensive with questions about the action of the federal judge Sergio Moro, which made public the audio of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in conversation with President Dilma Rousseff. The initiative started with the president herself during Lula's inauguration ceremony. In a clear message to Moro, responsible for investigating the Lava-jet operation in the Federal Court in Curitiba, the PT criticized the disclosure of information and the disclosure of conversations content between them.

- There is no justice when the guarantees of the Presidency are violated. Brazil can not become submissive to a conspiracy that pervades constitutional guarantees of the Presidency, not why the president is different from other citizens. But it hurts these prerogatives, what they will do with the prerogatives of the citizen? - Questioned Dilma, speaking at the ceremony, in Brasilia.

The President assured that all apparel will be investigated.

- We will evaluate the conditions of this clip. who authorized, by authorizing, and why it was released when it contained nothing, nothing, I repeat, anything that might raise suspicion over Republican character - said the president.

In sequence, Dilma declared:

- The justice and the fight against corruption are always stronger and worthy when respect the constitutional principles.

The president made a point of showing the document at the ceremony and said that he was sent because Lula could not attend the event due to a health problem Marisa Leticia, your woman, also investigated.

Dilma also showed that the term was signed only by Lula, e, without his signature as president, would have no validity to prevent a possible prison.

- Despite the absolutely republican content of the dialogue I had yesterday with former President Lula, it was publicized with misinterpretation - said the PT.

The president also said that it takes “overcome hatreds” in the country and said the “shouting of scammers” You will not get it out of the way, do not go “put our people knees” nor cause “chaos and social upheaval”. The climate in ceremony at the Presidential was political act, with shouts that “You will not have blow”.

Following the inauguration, Ministers also attacked Moro. The new justice minister, Eugenio Aragão, He suggested that the judge committed crime.

- If there was talk of the president who deserved national attention, not up to the trial judge did not even assess the value of that evidence, much less give you advertising - evaluated.

But the Advocate General of the Union, José Eduardo Cardozo, He stated that the confidentiality of the President is a matter of discussion “National security”.

The arguments are used by the government to go to face the judge's decision to disclose the conversation. The onslaught, However, It can be linked internally in government, but carried out by parliamentary PT and PCdoB, similar to what was done in the Supreme Court (STF) to question the rite of the impeachment process.

The plan is to argue that the hearing should have been closed by order of the own Live at the time of Dilma recording and, to find authority privileged forum, the judge would have to refer the case immediately to the Supreme Court.

Source: Estadão

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