Hemoam launches campaign for blood Hospital on 30 March

Blood hospital is already 30% of built work and will be a building with 150 beds.
23/03/2016 13h44 - Updated 23/03/2016 13h44
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The Foundation of Hematology and Hematology of the Amazon (Hemo) launches next day 30 March, at 9 am, the Fundraising Campaign for Blood Hospital. The ceremony will take place in the hospital construction site, behind the building Hemoam, in Pedro Teixeira Avenue and Avenue Constantino Nery, Dawn, and will be attended by the president of the Amazon Court, chief judge Graça Figueiredo.

The chief judge president will be part of the Fundraising and Oversight Committee for the construction of the Blood Hospital at the invitation of the President of Hemoam, Nelson doctor Fraiji. “It is a very important and praiseworthy initiative. This hospital will meet the needs of people with cancer and who need assistance. Todos os patients with acute leukemias, are SUS or private plans are treated at Hemoam. And this hospital aims to expand the fight against this serious disease and affects men and women of different ages”, Grace explained Figueiredo.

The Hospital Blood, which according to the director of Hemoam, It is already 30% of the finished structure, is a building with 150 beds and will ICU for children and adults, surgery Center, ward for children and adults, nursing short stay and care for childhood cancers.

For more than three decades, the Hemoam guarantees blood transfusion safely and with quality. It also provides comprehensive care to patients with blood diseases, task that requires expertise, instrumental and high cost of inputs to ensure service thousands of patients 24 hours per day.

Reference for diagnosis and treatment of diseases and hamtológica oncohematológicas, the foundation serves Amazonas (Manaus, Parintins, Manacapuru, Itacoatiara, Tefé, São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Humaita, Coari and Tabatinga), Para and Roraima.

Each month the Hemoam performs three thousand medical care in clinical trial, five thousand emergency room visits and emergency-two thousand specialized medical treatment. Besides that, It has a multidisciplinary team that has eight pediatric hematologists, two pediatric oncologists, two dentists, three physical therapists, three psychologists, a nutritionist and a speech pathologist.

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