Man killed the husband of his lover is arrested, in Itacoatiara

The criminal also has involvement with drug trafficking.
24/03/2016 12h56 - Updated 24/03/2016 12h56
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The Civil Police of Amazonas, through the investigation team "Owl" from the Department Interactive Police (DIP) Itacoatiara, distant city 176 kilometers straight from the capital, arrested in flagrante, on the night of Wednesday, day 23, por volta the 18h, Rafael da Silva Pinto, 26, involved in drug trafficking in place.

According to the titular delegate of the police unit, Lazaro Santiago, Rafael was arrested at the house where he lived, located in Amapá Street, second stage of Eduardo Braga district, in Itacoatiara. In addition to involvement with drug trafficking, the boy was being investigated for murder authored by Vidal Nogueira Viana, occurred on Monday, day 21, por volta the 18h, in the neighborhood Moses Israel, that municipality. The victim had 32 years.

"On the day of the crime Vidal had left the residence where he lived together with the four year old daughter. He intended to buy food at a nearby trade. On the way he was surprised by the violator, who arrived at the scene on a motorcycle. Witnesses reported that Rafael took the child from Vidal's lap and made ten shots in man, three of them reached the back and eight to the victim's head. After the incident, the offender fled the scene. Family and people close to the victim said the two did not have a good relationship ", He explained the police authority.

Lazarus said Santiago, still, the civil police of the DIP Itacoatiara reached Rafael after receiving complaints, stating that he was selling drugs in that city. "From there we beginning to investigations and arrested him red-handed in his residence. When we entered the house, he tried to take flight, but eventually captured. in testimony, Rafael Vidal denied killing, but he was appointed by witnesses as offender ", said Santiago.

During magazine in the building where he was were seized 70 grams of marijuana type skunk. A second person who was in the house was taken to provide information and released after proving he had no relationship with the drug. Rafael was booked in flagrante delicto for drug trafficking and charged with aggravated homicide. After carrying out the procedures applicable at the police station he will be taken to the Prison Unit Itacoatiara, which will be available to the Justice.

"Rafael was arrested in Manaus in the year 2012 for drug trafficking and, while it served time, Vidal was involved with Rafael companion. When the offender discovered the betrayal, Rafael began to threaten the city Vidal, reaching point a gun at him in different situations. We believe that this has motivated crime ", He concluded the holder delegate DIP Itacoatiara.

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