Ipem-AM performs blitz lightning in Manaus taxis to check regularity of taximeters

The blitz was held on the afternoon of Wednesday, 30.
31/03/2016 09h08 - Updated 31/03/2016 09h08
Photo: Nathalie Brazil / Secom

The taxi service in Manaus was blitz target on Wednesday, 30 March, to check the operation of the taximeter. The operation of the Office of Weights and Measures Amazon (Ipem-AM) and Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU) It began with approaches at points on Avenida Mario Ypiranga Monteiro, in Adrianopolis neighborhood, south of the capital. Complaints received in Ipem-AM indicate tampering in equipment to increase the value of racing. The case was also referred for police investigation.

In the first day of operation, the Ipem-AM not caught any grantee taxi service running with irregularity in the meter. Approaches made, only one driver was notified by inconsistency in the document number authorizing the private transport of movement. According to the CEO of Ipem-AM, Márcio André Brito, surveillance to taxis is part of the calendar agency operations, but intensification is due to the growing number of complaints. More of 40 complaints were registered with the ombudsman agency this year, with reports indicating possible fraud on the meter to inflate the value of races.

"What we want to promote is the race with a fair collection, ensure that the taxi driver who is fully legalized have respected your right and do not have to compete with professionals who practice some sort of fraud. Customers using the service wins. One of the indications that the meter may have a problem is if he has problems with the seal Inmetro ", emphasized Ipem-AM director.

Testing and running costs – The permit holders of taxi services were sent to the meter mileage test in Ipem-AM station in PAC Educandos neighborhood, where tax Ipem-AM made a race with the drivers to see if the amount charged by the kilometer run is correct. The flag is R $ 4, Consumer price charged to enter the vehicle. Each kilometer route is a cost to the user. the flag 1, kilometer costs $ 2,60. In the flag 2, the rate per kilometer is R $ 3,65.

In addition to the correction of values, the inspection also noted the operation of the display and the seal of Inmetro. The fines for irregularities ranging from $ 1,5 mil a R$ 50 one thousand, according to Ipem-AM. About four thousand vehicles make up the fleet of taxis in Manaus. In Ipem-AM, taxi drivers get the annual certificate of regularity of a taximeter. A periodic check is made as standard calendar, in accordance with the end plate. But the agency carries out inspections on the streets, throughout the year, to curb irregularities.

The director of Ipem-AM, Márcio André Brito, It reported that the inspections will continue. "Whoever is caught practicing some fraud will be seized taximeter, the car will be seized by the SMTU, and the fine can reach $ 50 one thousand".

Complaint People can help reporting possible irregularities to Ipem-AM Ombudsman, by telephone 0800 092 2020. The service operates from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 18:30.

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