Junior Rodrigues launches CD Samba 'This life is battle'

The CD will be launching on 4 May during Tacacá project in Bossa.
08/03/2016 14h02 - Updated 8/03/2016 14h02
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With 28 year career, singer-songwriter Junior Rodrigues prepares the release of his latest CD. Titled "This life is battle", the album features 12 samba bands, of which ten are singer authorship. The project was contemplated by the Notice of Cultural Connections 2015 of the Municipal Culture Foundation, Tourism and Events (Manauscult) and releasing be on 4 May during Tacacá project in Bossa.

Junior explains that the repertoire of the CD is unprecedented and follows the traditional samba. "The song flagship 'This life is battle' speaks of the difficulties is live music, not respect the artists and the singer himself does not respect his career and his work. For the first time in my work, It includes piano recording songs, but it does not lose the essence and his novelty ", commented.

In December last year, the singer made the pre-release CD to present his latest work to the public. It was two months of studio production of the album. "Before recording I have ever present the songs in concerts for the public get acquainted. In pre-release, they might already know the CD and launch already know the songs ".

About notice of cultural connections, Junior said that the incentive is essential for the production of the project. "The notice allows a breakthrough in 50% of our work. Without this, It would take longer recording process ".

Opened in 2015, the Cultural Connections Notice of Manauscult, already included singers disks as Cinara Nery and Lucilene Castro, launched this year. In the production of CDs, along 2016, a diverse range of projects covered by the Notice of Cultural Connections must be presented, including theatrical performances, music and dance performances.

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