Lava Jato holds in Portugal Petrobras fees operator

This is the 25th stage of the operation commands by Judge Sergio Moro.
21/03/2016 07h33 - Updated 21/03/2016 07h33
Photo: Heitor Feitosa / SEE

Federal police broke out on Monday the 25th phase of Operation Lava Jato and fulfilled, in Lisbon, preventive arrest warrant against Raul Schmidt Felippe Junior, Operator fees that worked in the distribution of dirty money to former directors of Petrobras Jorge Zelada, Renato Duque and Nestor Cervero. Schmidt was on the run since July 2015, when it was issued the arrest warrant, and his name appeared on the Interpol broadcast alert. This is the first international operation of Lava Jato, who completed two years in last week.

second researchers, the activities of lobbyist had been detected since irregularities were mapped committed by the former director of Petrobras' International Area, Jorge Zelada, already convicted in Lava Jet. Among other things, Schmidt was part of a corruption scheme to benefit the American company Vantage Drilling the charter contract drillship Titanium Explorer. For prosecutors of the Public Ministry task force, at least 31 million scheme dollars ended up in the hands of Zelada, the former manager of Petrobras Eduardo Musa and the PMDB, responsible for political patronage of former leader. no scheme, lobbyists Hamylton Padilha, Raul Schmidt and Joao Augusto Henriques acted as intermediaries trading, Schmidt being that it was reserved for depositing the kickback Zelada.

In addition to acting as a financial operator in tuition fees, Lava Jato has found evidence that the lobbyist appeared as a servant or agent of international companies in the negotiation of Petrobras platforms exploration contracts.

Raul Schmidt was arrested in Lisbon, after leaving the city of London, where he lived, after the bursting of Operation Lava Jet. The lobbyist also has Portuguese nationality and now must go through an extradition process that can be prosecuted in Brazil.


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