Law can compel supermarkets to donate foods that are close to expiration

The bill is authored by Councilman Plínio Valério (PSDB) and will be presented on Wednesday (23) na CMM.
21/03/2016 15h07 - Updated 21/03/2016 15h07
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

Supermarkets over 400 square meters in Manaus will be required to donate foods that are valid for deadlines to be met or who have exceeded the validity of the product to aid organizations to the poor or fertilizer manufacturers, under penalty of being fined. It's what sets the Bill (PL), Alderman Plínio Valério (PSDB), to be presented on Wednesday (23), the Municipality of Manaus (CMM).

from the stands, the author of the bill noted that the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations points out that one 1,3 billion tons of food in the world, o equivalente a U $ 750 billion goes straight to the trash, causing financial loss, social and environmental. No Brasil, second parliamentary, 30% food are discarded in the trash.

"It is necessary to do something. We can no longer accept that food is thrown away, as have thousands of people starving. My proposal seeks to ban supermarkets to play out food to donate to associations aimed to fight hunger ", He completed the parliamentary.

As justifies Councilman, consumers care more about buying food with good size and flawless look. In this sense, supermarkets keep their workers day and night sorting and throwing away crumpled food, with minor injuries, slightly discolored or out of the standard and that the result of choice (cleaning) two foods is between 10% e 50% greenery, fruits and vegetables go to waste.

This project sets, still, the supermarket managers sign a donation commitment to the organization dedicated to fighting poverty, But it will be up to the institutions seek supermarkets to formalize the request for registration, assuming the transportation of the product, and storage in appropriate hygiene and distribution in a dignified manner.

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