List of possible is ineligible 510 AM managers

A list, disclosed by the ECA, serve as the basis to bar candidates in elections this year.
23/03/2016 19h09 - Updated 23/03/2016 20h08
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Five hundred ten Amazon public managers with reproved accounts in the State Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) the last eight years are given in the list, this Wednesday (23), by presiding TEC-AM, Ari Moutinho Junior, the Regional Electoral Court (THREE), the Federal Public Ministry and State Prosecutor.

A listing It was released with 48 hours in advance and assist the Regional Electoral Prosecutor in the Amazon (no MPF), MPE and the Regional Electoral Court (THREE) to bar applications, under the new Clean Record Law, considers that the judgments of the Court of Justice as one of the criteria for declaring ineligibility.

According to Ari Moutinho Junior Advisor explanation, the list of the TEC is not the ineligible managers, as erroneously think some people, since only the Electoral Court may declare the ineligibility. in listing, according to the counselor, contains the names of public Amazonas managers who had accounts deemed irregular by the collegial from 2 October 2008.

"The list has all managers who have had the accounts reproved, whose cases were processed in already judged, as well as those who had accounts deemed irregular and filed an appeal without suspensive effect. The list will be updated throughout the day 25 of each month until the issuance of the final list in dina 5 July, which will help the TRE in the electoral process ahead ", commented, to emphasize that some names can still be included and also deleted, depending on the progress of the process, in the case of funds from the TCE.

The list was handed over to the president of the TRE, chief judge Socorro Guedes, and the chief prosecutor of the Center for Electoral Operational Support the Amazon prosecutors, Publio Caio Bessa Cyrino, late morning, after the completion of the 9th ordinary session of the Full Court. The files were also sent to the Regional Electoral Prosecutor in the Amazon (PRAM). Printed copies and delivered on DVD. The remaining data will be inserted, as procedural parts, judgments, They will be entered in Sis Electoral Accounts system, maintained by the Electoral Prosecutor.

As Ari Moutinho Junior Advisor, with deliveries of 510 names, TCE starts a new step to standardize the list along the lines of what is established by the Federal Audit Court (TCU). He said it will make available on the CPF website, next month, a query for CPF manager, so that the whole society can make free consultation on ECA portal. no channel, the population can have access to the judgment and all procedural parts.

The press, Public Caio prosecutor acknowledged that the identification of public managers capable of ineligibility is a difficult job, heavy and thorough because it is a very large number of candidates throughout the Amazon, but he stressed the importance of the work of the TEC, as a collaborator in the electoral process, since the survey will help the research work of the electoral bodies and Control, that are connected together to Sis Electoral Accounts software. "This early list will help us do this careful analysis and careful, without leaving anyone out. We all know that election deadlines are very tight and that prosecutors also accumulate other processes, so the beautiful work done by the Audit Court has been and remains essential to the Electoral Justice ", he said.

The chief judge Socorro Guedes congratulated the director Ari Moutinho Junior and all servers TEC for the work done and the partnership signed, which will help in the electoral process 2016. In her assessment, the survey will give agility to the analysis for emission applications records.

Besides Ari Moutinho Junior advisor, They participated in the press conference the vice-president of the EC Treaty, counselor Yara Lins Santos, counselors Julio Cabral, Erico Exile and Joshua Son and also the Attorney General in office, Evanildn Santana, and the Secretary-General of External TEC Control, Pedro Augusto Oliveira.

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