List of possible denunciation of Odebrecht care policy

The disclosure that the contractor would make a "definitive collaboration" political worries.
24/03/2016 06h58 - Updated 25/03/2016 12h03
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The list of alleged transfers of the Odebrecht Group for politicians 24 parties became the center of the parliamentary rack conversations that were still yesterday in Brasilia. The seizure in Congress with the possibility of disclosure of names of politicians benefited from Odebrecht resources pervaded conversation, and the disclosure that the contractor would make a "definitive collaboration" worried Members.

- There will be trouble for everyone. But who has to pay - said an opposition leader, who asked not to be identified.

No PT, rumors that the list could bring opposition names generated a different expectation.

- The PT is already taking such a blow and without criterion, one more or less, is just another. But as no such protection to opposition, there to praise to arise names of those who wantonly attack us - said a parliamentary PT, who also requested anonymity.

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Once known the list and also the decision of the judge Sergio live in make it confidential, in addition to the announcement of the Public Prosecutor that the tipoff Odebrecht was not approved, the leader of the PT, Afonso Florence (BA), commented:

- Who accepts tipoff, must investigate. And who does not accepts, You have to make public because did not accept. In both cases it is important that the action does not turn political dispute object.

Some said they received cited the values ​​legally, with statement on its accountings to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

The mayor, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), He admitted to request the representatives of Odebrecht campaign donations to the PMDB, citing the name of Henrique Eduardo Alves, Current Minister of Tourism, as one of the beneficiaries. But received no direct donation of the company in its campaign:

- There is no cash donation 2. Not even to me, nem para o PMDB. Only box 1.

Senate President, Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), He said he was unaware listing your name in spreadsheets and said he did not commit unlawful.

- Never made impropriety. these quotes, Proof view, It means absolutely nothing. I have always taken the initiative to ask for any investigation that charge - said Renan.

The president of the PSDB, Aécio Neves (MG), appearing in one of the sheets, He said that the data refer to donations recorded in its accountability to the TSE:

- It's just the account number where these values ​​were deposited. Not needed or that disclosure. There needs to be much serenity to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

The government leader in the Senate, Humberto Costa (PT-PE), He said he has not received Odebrecht's donations 2012, when he was a candidate for mayor of Recife. On the inclusion of his name in one of the sheets, It assessed that the donation may have been made to the national directory EN, who transferred approximately R $ 1,7 million for his Senate campaign in 2012, as recorded in the interpretation of accounts.

The mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes (PMDB), said through note that all donations to their election campaigns, made directly or via party directories, They occurred legally and were declared to the Electoral.

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