Allotment of Residential Balneario Tarumã is far from a settlement solution

During a meeting at CMM, two new facts that hinder the settlement were presented.
31/03/2016 15h04 - Updated 31/03/2016 15h04
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

The problem of irregular sale of plots of Residential Park Tarumã, Na Estrada Do Cetura, West zone, that bilked more than 60 families, it seems that is far from a solution. During a meeting held on Thursday (30), the Consumer Protection Committee of the Municipality of Manaus (COMDEC-CMM) with those involved in the process, They emerged two new facts: the request to reopen and review of the process by the Implurb, by the representative of the allotment owners, o empresario Michael Schawarcz (late) and his son Paulo Lima de Souza Schawarcz, in addition to the emergence of new buyers of lots, who were injured.

The meeting included representatives of the Residential Association Tarumã, Public Defender of Amazonas state and municipal agencies, as Municipal Institute of City Planning (Implurb), Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas) and Ombudsman of the Municipality and Municipal Procon.

From the new information forwarded by the vice president of Implurb, Telamon Firmino Neto, on the process, and the president of the neighborhood association, José Fonseca Junior Haroldo, during the meeting, which also included representatives from the Department Robbery, Theft and defrauding (DRFD), the Housing and Land Affairs Secretariat (Sehaf), Municipal Infrastructure Secretariat (Seminf), the public defender Carlos Alberto de Almeida Filho requested all the information about this new process.

"Given this new information about the actions of prosecutors alleged owners, the Ombudsman asked the Implurb complete documentation to take a position and also in front of the police information (holder of Police Robbery, Adriano Félix da Silva), that there is an inventory process to involve more than R $ 200 millions, Defender interests to take action in relation to the value to compensate the families ", he explained.

Defender will answer

Carlos Alberto Almeida assured that by the end of next week the Public Defender's Office will be giving an answer, officially, residents on the positions to be taken. "The Ombudsman will find the best way to serve the interests of these people", he said, who knew, by delegate, Paul Lima is decreed to arrest warrant and be on the run. "Very strange it now appears willing to settle the land", assured.

The new proposal of the supposed owners of the area consists of the process being analyzed by Implurb and should be referred to the Attorney Semmas and the City. The Public Defender own, in defense of residents, He filed for allotment of regularization by the Implurb and Semmas.

The Semmas, according to the director of the Department of Supervision, Lamb Regina, analyzes the process of the Association of Residents, but says, beforehand, that some points should be suitable for housing development project in the area as a whole, since the allotment advanced toward the green areas and environmental protection and harmed bayous, today silted.

The president of the Consumer Protection Commission, Councilman Álvaro Campelo (PP), assessed that, after the fourth meeting, residents still seek a solution, as well as public agencies involved in the problem. "Now we are concerned the case of others who were injured. And the meeting is to find a quick solution to the situation that residents now face. They were injured in their economies and we are counting on the cooperation of the municipal authorities for the solution to be found ", said. Alvaro ensures that understands the technical issues, legal and environmental problem, but asked for a different look in this situation not to the people who paid for the land no more damage.


President of the Association, José Haroldo is convinced that, with the help of all, find a solution to the case. "We expect sensitivity to be contemplated. We are victims and not guilty. The culprit is Paulo Lima who sold lots irregularly. Several families affected, we have association and look forward to the competent bodies to help us find a solution to the case ", assured.

According to him, They are over 60 families in this situation and appeared other, after formation of the association and redivision of lots. "We have more to do. No longer how to move in lots. Now it is the Defender to help us try to compensate the injured parties ", secured.

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