Lula has secret plan to avoid prison: ask for asylum in Italy

He negotiates a kind of safe passage in Congress.
25/03/2016 11h35 - Updated 26/03/2016 16h26
Photo: Ricardo Stuckert / Lula Institute / SEE

A crisis that has already revealed plots and storylines previously unimagined, nothing seems able to cause surprise or astonishment – e, However, surprise and amazement insist on appearing. In the last days, SEE found the thread that leads to a secret plan to take former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil, if his arrest is ordered. The plan provides that Lula would ask asylum to an embassy, preferably Italy, after negotiating a kind of safe passage in Congress, which would give him permission to move the embassy to the airport without being arrested – e, from the airport, Safe para o país do CHILE.

The chronology of the plan, according to the details SEE pulled, It can be summarized as follows.
Sunday, 6 March. Under the impact of the 24th stage of Operation Lava-Jato, in which he was taken coercively to depose the Federal Police, Lula met his top advisers. Ali, They discussed two alternatives. The first was an intervention in the government of Dilma Rousseff, Lula fact taking charge of the country, as he tried to get his nomination for the House. The other was a more drastic solution, suggested by advisers that the problem was not only political: Lula would leave Brazil so he could present himself as a victim of political persecution. Came four destination options: Cuba, Venezuela, France and Italy.

Monday, 7. The dome of the PT, based on the previous day of mailing, said an emissary to sound out the Cuban regime on the level of protection that Lula would receive from Havana if there asilasse. Venezuela was soon dropped from the list because of its political instability. France and Italy continued on the horizon. Surveys have lasted for four days, until, On thursday, 10 March, prosecutors of the Public Ministry, a legal mess, asked the arrest of Lula. The atmosphere was heavy and negotiations have gained more traction.

Fourth, 16. While the country listened to the recordings of telephone conversation between Dilma and Lula, in which the task force Wash Jet gathered evidence that the two acted to obstruct justice, a poll unrolled to fifteen minutes from the Planalto Palace: the Embassy of Italy. The ambassador of that country, Raffaele Trombetta, promoted a dinner for forty guests. Between them, the former president allied with outstanding performance in the legal world and in Congress. At one point the convescote, Trombetta had a frank and private conversation with the emissaries of former president. Was asked about possible consequences if Lula took refuge in the building of the Italian Embassy and that further to the request for political asylum. Trombetta promised to consider the consequences.

(Searched by Veja last week, Trombetta the ambassador passed the phone to his chief of staff, Alberto La Bella, which was frightened when asked about asylum plan to Lula. Said La Bella: “That was a private conversation the ambassador. I do not know what to say. O Minister Lula is not country. I find it hard this output”.)

Saturday morning, 19. One day earlier, Minister Gilmar Mendes, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, suspended Lula's tenure as Minister of Governance, a decision that fell like a bomb in PT. How he had lost the privileged forum and his case returned to the hands of judge Sergio Moro, in Curitiba, Lula went again to run the risk of being remanded in custody at any time. Lula decides to personally involved in the plan, which had hitherto been touched without your direct intervention. Lula wanted details of the subject. He asked how would leave the country without being caught by the Federal Police, as would be the contact with foreign authorities and what would be the consequences for your family.

Saturday night, 19. Before Lula's questions, a small group of lawyers and politicians met in a prime location of Brasilia and detailed more concretely the emergency plan. Even without us even asking the response of Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta, the group decided that the best option was really Italy. The fact that the former first lady Marisa Leticia have Italian citizenship and the right to be extended to children also investigated in Wash Jet facilitated things. At the meeting, the directors discussed the legal roadmap for the former president could be allowed to move the embassy to come to asylums to the plane in which leave abroad. It was agreed that it would be necessary “a negotiated exit” with the main forces opposing policies, as the safe-conduct would have to be previously approved by Congress. The political mission has been delegated to the lawyer Sigmaringa Seixas, former deputy of the PT, and former Minister Nelson Jobim, it has good traffic along the various parties. No PMDB, the first to be sought was the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros. Then, He fired up the former Minister Moreira Franco, for its proximity to the Vice President Michel Temer.


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