Maluf is sentenced in France to three years in prison for money laundering

The decision remained blocked 1,8 million euros.
02/03/2016 11h00 - Updated 2/03/2016 11h00
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Justice condemned France Congressman Paulo Maluf (PP-SP) to three years in prison for money laundering in France between 1996 e 2005. A decision by the 11th Chamber of the Criminal Court of Paris, Maluf also had blocked 1,8 million euros, or equivalent 7,5 million reais, European country. The charge in France against the Member was based on evidence shared by federal prosecutors (MPF) and the Public Ministry of the State of São Paulo, from lawsuits filed against Maluf in Brazil. The Attorney General's Office requested the transfer of the case so that it is judged by the Brazilian Justice.

Besides Paulo Maluf, They were convicted for the same offense his wife, Sylvia Lutfalla Maluf, and your son, Flávio Maluf. Second or tribunal, who ordered the maintenance of international arrest warrants against Maluf, his wife and son, the three sent to offshore companies resources that are the result of corruption and embezzlement in Brazil concealed the origin and nature of money. They should also pay fines that reach 500.000 euros, near 2,1 million reais.

condemnation, However, still it depends on the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, to which the three appealed. In the event of conviction in France, the European country can not ask the Brazilian court approval of the sentence for execution of the sentence in Brazil.

The Attorney General's Office, who requested the transfer of the case against Maluf and the repatriation of the amount confiscated by the French justice, argues that, under the Constitution, Brazilian citizens can not be extradited, even when convicted abroad.

Applications of the PGR were processed via the Department of Assets Recovery and International Legal Cooperation (Keep), the Ministry of Justice.

Besides the condemnation in France, Maluf is accused in two criminal cases in the Supreme Court, running secret of Justice, accused of conspiracy, passive corruption, tax evasion and money laundering.


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