Environmental Manaus will be reported to the MPE for mismanagement in water service

according to data, but of 620 thousand people in Manaus have no access to water services.
23/03/2016 12h18 - Updated 23/03/2016 12h23
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An action in the State Prosecutor's Office (MPE) calling for the establishment of civil investigation into the failure and mismanagement of Manaus Environmental in the coverage of water service; the conclusion of a Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC) ensuring the execution of the expansion plan and strengthen the approval of a plebiscite for the people to decide whether or not the water and sewage service follow privatized were the main referrals at the end of the public hearing, on the afternoon of Tuesday (22), by the Public Utilities Commission of the City of Manaus, which discussed the supply system Moorhen city and celebrated the World Water Day.

Chaired by Professor Alderman Bibiano (PT), proposer of the meeting, the meeting in plenary Adriano Jorge, showed that in Manaus over 620 thousand people, in the northern areas and city East, You do not have access to water services, the Manaus Waters Program (Proama) It is not a solution, the supply system presents numerous bottlenecks, the basic breakdown is precarious and there is no study regarding stormwater.

Bibiano, who criticized the targets set out in the concession agreement, said that 98% manauara the population should have d'agua supply coverage and other 71% The sewage service, and, also questioned the application of R $ 365 millions, in the administration of former Governor Eduardo Braga, in the construction of Proama.

The problem of service is not the lack of water uptake, but the need for investments in the distribution network, combat waste and water theft through illegal connections, known 'cats'', said.

Drawing on reports of the Regulatory Agency Granted the Amazon Services he directed questions to the director of Environmental Manaus, Arlindo Pinto Sales, and technical director of Arsam, Sissy Santos, on the current percentage of coverage of the sewage service, the reasons for the contractual targets will not be met and the actions provided for in the contract have been effected.

"Water is one of the most discussed topics today and right of the population, unfortunately, Manaus is worrying and places often lack the hard liquid up to two weeks ", said Councilman, still referred to the fines imposed by the Environmental Arsam Manaus, between 2003 e 2013 were 102 penalties and accumulated R $ 15 millions. only in 2015 eleven penalties were recorded valued at R $ 263,7 millions.

Professor of the Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine Federal University of Amazonas (TRUST), Anthony of Padua Quirino Ramalho, He drew attention to the diseases of water causes, and said treating water in Manaus and the Amazon is essential for the health of people. "Not only have the world's largest water collection but a real shower, because subsurface paddles in our the same amount of water which occurs at the surface ", maintained.

Representing the Municipal Public Cleaning, Eisenhawer Campos, He regretted the absence of civil society in the pubic hearing, while the teacher Menna Barreto, Movement Education for Citizenship, demanded the presence and participation of councilors.

second Eisenhawer, when it comes to water and environment it appears that in the last 500 years man has done away with the environmental goods. He condemned the waste of water, advocated changes in production methods, and he stated that the lack of sanitation affects almost all Brazilian cities, but Manaus faces a critical situation.

After noting that the discussion on the water is quite old in the Town Hall, Councilman José Waldemir (PT) He stressed that Manaus is very bad this issue, so much so that almost all the city's water sources are unfeasible. He promised to strengthen the struggle for approval of a request of his own, which proposes a public consultation for the manauaras say if they want water service and sewage privatized.

Also attended the meeting the state deputy Jose Ricardo; the legal advisor to Arsam, José Carlos Cavalcante; Julião Delmiro, the Municipal Public Cleaning; and residents of neighborhoods of northern areas and city East.

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