Public Prosecutor of Switzerland ordered transmission of extracts Odebrecht to Brazil

The company was being investigated by the Swiss, on suspicion of having used accounts pay tuition in Brazil.
10/03/2016 14h19 - Updated 10/03/2016 14h19
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The Public Prosecutor of Switzerland authorized on Thursday, 10, the transmission of documents and bank statements involving accounts allegedly controlled by Odebrecht in Brazil and its use by the federal judge Sergio Moro processes in Operation Lava Jato.

In early February, Brazilian company claimed that it had obtained a victory in the Swiss courts to get the cooperation between Brazil and Switzerland were forced to undergo a review. Now, a new decision confirms the legality of the transmission of data and its use.

In the middle of last year, Odebrecht has to be investigated by the Swiss, on suspicion of having used accounts and offshore companies in the country to pay bribes in Brazil. Accounts were blocked and the MP began transmitting data to Brazil.

The report revealed in October 2015 Odebrecht had hired lawyers in Switzerland to try to block the sending of documents. In August, these lawyers questioned the own Department of Justice of Switzerland, arguing that sending to Brazil would be a disproportionate measure by the Swiss and that Brazil had not provided sufficient evidence to justify the cooperation between the two countries.

cooperation, however, It went ahead.

The Brazilian company filed an appeal before the Federal Criminal Court found that, in late January, the MP was wrong to send the documents and bank statements to Brazil without giving a chance to the suspects involved in the case could have made a feature to prevent the delivery of data.

The decision did not require the cooperation was suspended nor that the documents already sent were returned. But it requested that the case be reviewed.

“The Prosecutor General's Office initiated a retrospective procedure for mutual assistance ordered by the Swiss Federal Criminal Court”, He explained to the entry MP email.

Late last month, therefore, the decision of the MP was to keep the transfer of bank documents to Brazil.

“no day 29 of February, the Attorney General issued final decisions and requested the transmission of relevant documents”, He confirmed the MP.

According to Attorney, parties can still file an appeal before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Criminal Court.

Odebrecht would 30 days to make this request.


For years researchers, extracts of accounts handled by Odebrecht can be considered as vital to understand who were the beneficiaries of the tuition fees.

by extracts, payments have been identified for former directors of Petrobras.

together, offshore linked to Odebrecht – Smith & Nash, Golac, Sherkson e Havinsur – They have made payments of US $ 168 million from 2006 to June 2014.

Of this total, US$ 15 million went to the accounts of the former directors of Petrobras.

No next day 17 March, Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, Bern will be meeting with the attorney general Swiss, Michel Lauber.


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