Moro condemns Marcelo Odebrecht 19 years in prison

The contractor was sentenced on Tuesday, 8.
08/03/2016 11h19 - Updated 9/03/2016 16h12
Photo: Geraldo bubniak (The agency Globe)

Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Operation Lava Jet in Curitiba, condemned on Tuesday the contractor Marcelo Odebrecht, Conglomerate heir that bears his name, a 19 years and four months in prison, closed system, the active corruption crimes, money laundering and criminal association. Second or magistrate, in just one of the crimes of corruption involving the defendant were moved 46,7 million reais in kickbacks. Known as “Prince of contractors”, Odebrecht is stuck there 263 days.

Condemnation of Marcelo Odebrecht is his first in petrolão scandal. The executive responds to other processes in Lava Jet and may have increased the penalty if convicted in other actions that responds. Backstage, Odebrecht is pressed to close a whistleblower award agreement. According to Law 12.850/2013, in case of denunciation signed after sentence, worth the objective requirements can be reduced to half or progression system will be accepted even if absent – that is, accelerates the progression scheme.

In the process he was condemned, Marcelo Odebrecht was responsible for irregularities and payment of bribes in six contracts for works and services Petrobras: in Conpar consortium (Odebrecht, UTC Engenharia and OAS) who starred in the works Refinery Coke Portfolio President Getulio Vargas (Repar), in RNEST-Conest consortium (Odebrecht and OAS) the refinery Abreu e Lima (ON), the Pipe Rack consortium in the Petrochemical Complex of Rio de Janeiro (Comperj), in the TUC consortium Buildings (Odebrecht, UTC PPI – Industrial Plant Design Ltda.) for works of Steam and Power Generation Units in the Comperj, in OCCH consortium (Odebrecht, Camargo Correa e Hochtief do Brasil) Construction of the Petrobras headquarters building in Victoria and Petrobras naphtha supply agreement for Braskem, company controlled by Odebrecht.

Despite appeals from the Federal Public Ministry, which was attributed to Marcelo Odebrecht direction of all other executives who made up the propinoduto installed at Petrobras, the magistrate did not impute to the executive direction of the crimes.

Throughout the investigations, the Federal Police detail mapped out the financial activities of the various companies that make up the executive of the conglomerate Marcelo Odebrecht and concluded that these companies moved, between 2006 e 2014, 277,78 million reais. The funds have gone through at least six offshore then used to fuel the corruption scheme unraveled by Operation Lava Jato. Part of this money was used to irrigate the coffers of former directors of Petrobras, as the former director Paulo Roberto Costa and Renato Duque and the State Services former manager Peter Barusco, according to the investigators. The three were sentenced on Friday by Judge Sergio Moro.

For PF, the use of intricate mechanisms of successive international transfers, typical money laundering schemes, indicate that only a “coordination in macro-level management”, as expressed by the then president of the holding Marcelo Odebrecht orders, would ensure the success of the system of payment of money diverted to former directors of Petrobras. In the sentence that sealed the fate of Odebrecht, Moro judge said “washing involved special sophistication, with use of the Odebrecht Group accounts in funds abroad, opening secret accounts in the name of offshore abroad, fraudulent filing of offshore accounts between the offshore accounts of the Odebrecht Group and Petrobras offshore accounts of agents”.


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