MP of St. Paul asks Lula prison in case of triplex

The case will be reviewed by Judge Maria Priscilla Ernandes Veiga Oliveira, 4th Criminal Court of São Paulo.
10/03/2016 16h43 - Updated 10/03/2016 16h45
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Prosecutors Cassio Conserino, José Carlos Blat and Fernando Henrique Araújo asked remand of former President Lula with the complaint presented on Wednesday (9) on the triplex in Guaruja (Sao Paulo coast), which would have been prepared for the family of PT.

The application extends the former president of the OAS Leo Pinheiro and former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto.

The case will be reviewed by Judge Maria Priscilla Ernandes Veiga Oliveira, 4th Criminal Court of São Paulo. yet there is a certain day for the courts to rule on the case.

Until now, Folha did not determine why prosecutors want to arrest former President. The application runs under secrecy of justice in São Paulo.

Lula is accused of money laundering and forgery of, crimes that can render 3 a 10 years imprisonment and 1 a 3 years, respectively. Your woman, Marisa Leticia, and one of the couple's children, Fábio Luís Da Silva, They are also accused of money laundering.

Thursday (10), at a news conference in the Public Ministry of São Paulo, prosecutors denied that the investigation was politically motivated.

“Our schedule is legal, regardless of whether this or that procedure has political repercussions”, said Jose Carlos Blat, who played the calculation along with the other two promoters.

according Blat, the calculation is a continuation of a case of Bancoop he plays from 2010 and it is in the final phase of trial. One of the first case defendants is former PT treasurer João Vaccari Neto, arrested in Curitiba on charges of broker fees for the PT in Petrobras contracts.

The triplex Guaruja began to be built in 2004, when Marisa Leticia bought one of the units, not the triplex that is under investigation.

In 2009, when Bancoop broke and the OAS assumed the construction of the building, the contractor would have prepared the triplex apartment for Lula's family, but the property was never transferred to the name of former President.

Lula Institute claims that the family visited the triplex in Asturias Beach, but gave up property considering that the family would not have privacy to enjoy the beach.

The warning that Marisa had given up the property was made at the end of last year, when the property was already under investigation on two fronts: the Public Ministry of São Paulo and the prosecutors of the task force Operation Lava Jato, from Curitiba.

Prosecutors say they have evidence of 20 witnesses that the property was renovated to Lula.

The former president Lula family lawyer, Cristiano Zanin Martins, He told Folha that was not reported on requests for arrest and highlighted the fragility of the allegations made by the Prosecutor of the State of São Paulo.

“Collective given by prosecutors shows the fragility of the investigation and of the request, which is based on testimonies from people who suspect that the property was being done for former president”, said lawyer.

Martins argues that the application will be rejected by the court due to the fragility of research arguments. “It makes no sense to assign the property to an owner who never used and was the site twice before it is finished to see if would be interested in staying with him”, says.

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