MPs recommend solution for water supply in San Gabriel

a public hearing was held in the city earlier this month.
23/03/2016 10h25 - Updated 23/03/2016 10h25
Photo: MP-AM

The prosecutor of Amazonas (MP / AM) and the Federal Public Ministry in the Amazon (MPF / AM) recommended that the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira (a 852 kilometers from Manaus) and the Amazonas State Government, take the necessary steps to regularize the water supply in the city.

In a public hearing held in the city earlier this month, residents reported that the city districts spent days without water supply and that some areas of the city have never been connected to the distribution network.

Reports from residents indicate that the water pump that distributes' black water’ - River water, distributed directly, without treatment - stopped working due to technical problems and left many parts of the city without water for several days. It is common to find, the city streets, residents, especially women, children and the elderly, carrying buckets and bottles of water captured profusely and other sources for human consumption because there is no treatment of water distributed.

on the recommendation, MPF and MP-AM ascertained that the construction project to high reservoir deployment and pump house was started, to solve the supply problem, but the initiative has not progressed since 2013. Institutions highlight although the Federal Institute of Education, Amazon Science and Technology (Ifam), in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, has technology for the abstraction of water can contribute as an emergency alternative to ensure the water supply for the city and, since 2014, the Secretary of the State of Amazonas has Infrastructure project for expansion and improvement of water supply system in São Gabriel da Cachoeira, object of Competition No. 53/2014.

The MPF and MP / AM recommended that the municipality of São Gabriel da Cachoeira take the necessary measures to remedy an emergency basis, with the help of the IFAM, the water supply problem in the city, within 60 days, through the purchase of centrifugal pumps, pickup, more potent or other means.

The municipality and the Amazonas State Government should also take steps to develop the basic design and regularizing, definitively, the provision of water supply services to all locations in the city, with regular and continuous supply of water under conditions for human consumption, as technical names, within 180 days.
According to the recommendation, the IFAM should help, by faculty, students and employees, the search for alternative techniques to solve on an emergency water supply problem in the locality.

Source: MP-AM

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