Videogame Itinerant Museum reaches Manaus in June

Exhibition brings together a collection of more than 200 consoles and will be held at Shopping Ponta Negra.
24/03/2016 16h02 - Updated 24/03/2016 17h53
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The arrival in Manaus Videogame Museum Itinerant, for a season 23 days, in June, no Shopping Ponta Negra, already causing anger and anxiety among the city's gaming fans. "I am counting the days to the arrival of this event", vents in charge of tooling Deley Sobral, from 34 years, card-carrying gamer and has nothing less than a collection of more than 690 games.

He says that the passion for games came in childhood, with the Magnavox Odyssey, considered the first console of successful games in the world. "My late uncle has always been very careful when opening the box, removing the game and maintaining the package intact. I learned from him that the original game keeps the industry alive ", says collector.

In addition to games, Deley also has 22 consoles, and 7 table and more 15 portable, including the Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Gameboy Play It Loud, Nintendo DS Limited Edition Mario Kart, Gameboy Color Limited Edition Pokémon, Nintendo DSI XL, among others.

"I started buying and not rid from 2001", said gamer, which reveals that one of his dreams consumption is the latest release of Sony, or PS4, plus a Super Nintendo in excellent condition.

day 4 a 26 of June, Shopping Ponta Negra will receive exposure, which will bring together collection of more than 200 consoles and allows the visitor not only know, but also play the greatest classic video games of the past 44 years. The examples range from Telejogo, Atari, Nintendinho, Master System, Mega Drive and Super Nintendo to the latest models, as PlayStation 4, Xbox One e Wii U. Among the attractions there will also be challenges Just Dance, simulators run, cosplay parade and many others.

The Videogame Museum Itinerant began in 2011, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, from a collection of Cleidson Lima journalist's video games, kept from 2004. He says that the idea of ​​the exhibition came after an ultimatum from his wife who no longer stand it that pile of video games.

"She said that I was doing or what a business or me and videogames should leave home, then I showed it to her who was boss and created the museum ", Toys curator, who believes, because Blockbuster in other cities, in Manaus exposure is expected to reach nearly one million visitors.

The Itinerant Videogame Museum is the first of its kind registered by the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram) e, Only in 2015, It received over 3,5 million visitors in nine states. "We want to put Manaus on the calendar of unprecedented attractions, free and differentiated as this, providing moments of entertainment and recreation for the whole family ", says the marketing manager of Shopping Ponta Negra, Janaina Barroso.

Shopping Ponta Negra is recognized for bringing new and unreleased activities. Recently, the mall was the first to install the CityBall, a giant ball pool, attracting thousands of children and adults, as well as promoted last year to show dragons. This March, presented MagiCircus - The Circus Magic in a Unforgettable Experience, in celebration of Circus Day, entitled to trapezoids, air dancing, malabares, storytelling, artistic performances and mini workshops of aerial silk, physical trapeze and lyre (ring).

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