in Venezuela, demonstrators killing two policemen during act

They were protesting against the increase in rates of passage for urban public transport and suburban.
29/03/2016 14h50 - Updated 29/03/2016 14h57
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Two Venezuelan police were killed on Tuesday when they were run over by a group of hooded demonstrators during a protest against the increase in public transport fare in the city of San Cristóbal, near the border with Colombia.

The “disturbances in La Concordia terminal – em San Cristóbal – They left an unfortunate balance of two dead policemen run over by a bus stolen by masked”, police said in a message on Twitter.

According to the police version of Táchira, the state security body that owns San Cristobal, “the cops were isolating the area to prevent the hooded men attacked private vehicles when they were run over”.

Four other policemen were seriously injured in the incident.

According to the local newspaper “The nation”, the riots began in the morning with “seizure” several public transport units in the main terminal status, em San Cristóbal, a group of hooded.

The demonstrators were protesting the increase in rates of passage for urban and suburban public transport announced for the whole country a few days ago.

The secretary of government Táchira, Ramón Head, He reported that so far have been held 31 people, but not yet settled their liability occurred.

The increase raised the minimum price of the fare 20 bolívares (equivalent to R $ 0,30) a 35 bolívares (R$ 0,50) and will come into effect next April 1.

In August is expected to further increase 45 bolívares (R$ 0,65) and in November would reach 50 bolívares (R$ 0,72) minimum rate.

The decision of the Executive eliminated the benefit that exonerated the costs the elderly and disabled, who now must pay half the ticket.


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