In the 'More You', Tamiel says not wait to get out of the 'BBB16'

02/03/2016 11h25 - Updated 2/03/2016 11h25
Photo: Playback / GShow / SEE

Still stunned by the wall – and very shy -, Tamiel fulfilled the basic script of the participants of Big Brother Brazil and was present on the morning of Wednesday the More You. During the conversation with Ana Maria Braga, the first leader to be eliminated in the history of reality admitted having seen only the first edition of the program. He also revealed that he was recruited by a scout and has accepted the invitation only “curiosity”.

Tamiel said, at the beginning of BBB16, Votava “with heart” and it was gradually realizing that the other participants were not so innocent. “But you knew it was a game, neither?”, asked Ana Maria. Professor of Ecology maintained that speech “always acted with the heart” and said some players have a higher purpose and maintain its principles, despite the prize money. He cited as an example Renan and already eliminated Daniel and Alan – its allies in confinement.

Ana Maria showed live footage of the BBB's house and wanted to know Tamiel if he was already homesick. “From home? No, the house I was sick. I will miss only a few people”, told it. Former participant also said that the last straw for his state of mind was the output of Juliana and said he believed Maria Claudia win this edition of the program.


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