Operation Lava Jato is not political persecution, supports Wilker Barreto in CMM

“President Dilma has no moral standing to preside over the Brazil”, shot Barreto.
21/03/2016 15h15 - Updated 21/03/2016 15h15
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

Speaking at the tribune of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM), on the morning of Monday (21), President of the Legislative Branch, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), He said they are trying to turn the operation Lava Jet, Federal Police, political persecution in the current government. And he shot the president is no moral to chair the Country.

“We are not concerned about protecting parties, who is guilty and who have your dirty finger has to go to jail. But, I am worried, It is looking to turn the Lava Jato, in political persecution, like a blow, and no one is taking into account, or have failed the memory of the population billion diverted from public coffers. President Dilma has no moral standing to preside over the Brazil”, shot Barreto.

Still, as Barreto, many are fighting for the wrong cause. “Who wants to stay in power wears red, those who want better for the country to go embraced streets with the national flag. Does anyone have a doubt the direct participation of PT in corruption today with Lava Jet? They want to inflate the population, mainly, the most humble like a blow and not blow, it is corruption. The government does not investigate and is investigated, he does not punish because the house he fell”, he said.

Barreto also stressed that the financial situation of the Brazilian - increasingly critical -, according to him, It needs to be taken seriously by the government. “Me great concern the loss of money from the population. I am very concerned about our country. This difficult moment is affecting all of us, a lot of unemployed people, the entire production chain is being harmed. The people are without money to even get transport”, concluded.

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