PL can guarantee test to detect Down syndrome in newborns

The estimate is that there will be a case of each 650 a 1000 live births.
23/03/2016 14h10 - Updated 23/03/2016 14h10
Photo: Movimento Down

Council member Professor Jacqueline (PHS) presented, this Wednesday (23), a bill which provides for the guarantee of the karyotyping test on all newborns, that show signs indicative of Down Syndrome, in hospitals and private hospitals in the city of Manaus.

According to the project, It considers, by examination of karyotype, the examination which aims to analyze the amount and structure of chromosomes in a cell. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of three chromosomes 21, better known as trisomy 21. The estimate is that there will be a case of each 650 a 1000 live births. Eighty-five percent of cases occur in mothers under 35 years.

Courthouse, Councilwoman said the test is essential to assess the child's condition and, syndrome is detected, You can already refer the newborn to the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. She also noted that the International Day of Down Syndrome happened last Monday (21).

The project states that a survey by the Foundation of Amazonas State Research (Fapeam) It revealed that half of the diagnosis for Down syndrome shortly after birth is clinical and the information about what was identified on physical examination are incomplete. The survey was conducted by students of the eighth medical course period the University of the State of Amazonas, Gabriela Bentes de Sousa.

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