Price of real estate has real fall 8,85% in 12 months

Compared to January, prices were stable.
03/03/2016 10h40 - Updated 3/03/2016 10h40
Photo: Thinkstock / SEE

The price of real estate had real fall, after inflation, from 8,85% we last 12 months until February, according to the index FipeZap February, released on Thursday. In the same period, none of 20 areas surveyed showed a real increase in prices.

Compared to January, prices were stable, with falling 0,05% the square meter values.

The announced average value per square meter of 20 cities in December was 7.609 real. Rio de Janeiro remains the city with the most expensive metro country (10.390 real), followed by São Paulo (8.616 real). Already the two municipalities with the lowest price per square meter were: Score (3.551 real) and Goiânia (4.224 real).


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