Hall extends service to tourists capacity in reserve Tupé

The generator set is the result of partnership between Semmas and Prourbis and will supply the local energy demand.
10/03/2016 09h28 - Updated 10/03/2016 09h28
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A generator, result of a partnership between the Municipal Environment and Sustainability (Semmas) and Development Program Urban and Environmental Inclusion Manaus (Prourbis), It has been installed and is already working in the administrative basis for Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) Tupé to meet the energy demand of the tourist service center in Saint John community, a 25 km from Manaus.

The community has not yet been met in full by the Light for All Program, Federal Government. The equipment will ensure, among other benefits, the supply of water from the artesian well of the Centre for Sustainable Development (CADS) Roberto Vieira.

"Installation of the equipment is the result of efforts made by the reserve management in order to provide the RDS Tupé better reception conditions for visitors", said the municipal secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Itamar de Oliveira Mar.

The director of Protected Areas Semmas, Márcio Bentes, He pointed out that the genset will support the tourist visitation service, today one of the main sources of income of community residents, since the CADS is based service on the beach. "With the possibility of having energy 24 hours in space, the routine work of the team responsible for managing the reserves will become more efficient ", he stressed.

The generator was transported in an operation that took two days to complete, with the support of Municipal Infrastructure (Seminf) and Public Cleaning (Semulsp). The Seminf, for example, He released a munck truck to transport from Manaus genset, starting headquarters Semmas, in the Town of Silver, to the Port Trairi, in St. Anthony. From there, a ferry Semulsp made the transfer to the reserve. The trip to the Tupe took about two hours. In the community, the generator was carried up the ramp of the CADs so he could reach the final destination, a power house.

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