Manaus prefecture reopens simplified selection process for the Foundation Doctor Thomas

The vacancies are for 92 elderly caregivers, 45 nursing technicians and 7 Nursing analysts.
15/03/2016 10h03 - Updated 15/03/2016 10h03
Photo: Press Release / Doctor Thomas

The Manaus City Hall is reopening Selection Process Simplified (PSS) for hiring 92 elderly caregivers, 45 nursing technicians and 7 Nursing analysts for the Foundation Dr. Thomas (FDT). In view of the recommendation made by the Amazonas State prosecutors (MPE/AM), the simplified selection process Notice No.. 001/2016 He underwent a realignment and was republished day 14 March in the DOM.

The period for curriculum delivery will be in days 16, 17, 18, 21 a 22 March, from 8am to 11pm and from 14h to 17h, in the auditorium of the Municipal Park of the Elderly (SMEs), in Rio Mar Street, nº1324 - Our Lady of Grace, Central South zone of Manaus.

Requirements / Registration
Upon registration, the candidate must submit completed the registration form available on the foundation's website Doctor Thomas: and submit the following documents: curriculum and originals and copies of the identity card; CPF; voter registration; working papers; education voucher (certificate) or a duly certified educational conclusion notarized statement; proof of address with zip code; training course certified nursing caregiver or conclusion statement duly certified notary and still ongoing, full course of nursing technician; only for the Caregiver function Elderly: service time provided the statement duly certified and recognized elder notarized, the model is available on the website of FDT. The selection will be conducted through curricular analysis and documentation submitted.

All candidates continue previously participating in the event and will not need to attach any documents beyond those that have already been delivered, However, due to changes in the announcement, all who are running for Caregiver wave Elderly and are qualified for the 2nd phase of the selection process must submit medical certificates and reports to the responsible committee.

Physical aptitude
The Simplified selection process will take place in just one step for Jobs Technical Analyst and Nursing-Nursing, already to the position of caregiver Elderly, there will be a second round knockout stage character and classification, Concerning the Examination of Physical Fitness.

Candidates who compete to Caregiver wave and obtain approval curriculum must deliver in days 6 a 8/04 to the Commission at the Foundation Doctor Thomas, Medical certificate issued by professionals in the fields of Orthopedics and Cardiology. Those who are classified to the 184th placement of vague designed to Senior Caregiver function will be called for the Examination of Physical Fitness that will take place, date and time established according to the schedule which will be announced on 12 / 04.Nas exam application dates, candidates must be with sporting attire.

Disclosure of approved
A list of the names of the approved will be published in the Official Gazette of the City and the site:
The 1st list will be released on 5 of April, in which will be called the candidates to Technical nursing jobs and nursing-Analyst, the period for submission of documents is 07/04 a 25/04. The 2nd call will be only for the Caregiver function Elderly, the list with the name of the squad will be published on 19/04 and they will 20/04 a 04/05 to present their documents.

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